January Review and February Goals

I love when a new month starts on a Monday, it just feels right doesn’t it? Like a new, fresh start all shiny and packaged up tight. Our new dog Eevee is almost 5 months old and she is still in the beginning stages of training and learning so much, doing so well already. I am so proud of myself for making so much positive progress towards the few goals I had in January.

January went by in a flash, it was here one minute and gone the next. However, I’ve been told a bunch of times during the last few weeks that having your goals and planner all thought out and done by the 1st of each month doesn’t really matter. So what, start your plan, write it down, get started… that’s all that matters. So here’s a view of things I wanted to get done in January-while focusing on my word of the year, Intention. Which mainly just meant that I was going to do these things with purpose and be well thought out while getting them accomplished.

Here’s a peek at things I checked off my goals list in January:
-Almost (!) finished SOAR program- listening to the rest of R module
-Stuck to Sunday Planning and weekly planning with Stephanie and power hours with Pamela
-Morning rhythms/evening routines- some semblance of one, even just ideas of steps to take
-Cleaned up closet and excess clothes
-Signed up for a few online courses/and memberships
-Post to blog once a week, 4x a month (I did this 3/4 times and my social media helper posted for me once to keep me on schedule)
-Regularly post to social media FB page, done by Bonnie, I feel like my engagement and comments went up some which was nice
-Post 4x a week to Instagram and try to engage and comment more for growth
-Clean out social media clutter, email junk, and cellphone declutter as well (get organized)

This month, in February I would like to:
-Read a book this month “Atomic Habits”
-One to two blog posts per week, published on time or scheduled early
-Finish R in SOAR program in A Purpose Driven Mom Club (APDM)
-Personal Project: Move photos from Photoshop to external, as well as FB photos cleanup and transfer
-Hire out services for Pinterest and Editing, email management and my VA Pam
-Get moving as much as possible (exercise/walking wise
-Build Eevee’s training portfolio (consistency is key!)
-Eat healthier by making complete meals (protein, veggie and a starch or fruit)

I think a list of this size is doable though as long as I’m checking in with my goals regularly and filling in my weeks as I go. I’m very proud of the steps I’ve taken already and the work I’ve been doing to get better with my skills.

What are your goals this month? Personal? Work related? Family? Hobby? Health and fitness? Etc.

I’d love to hear what they are, what you accomplished last month and what you’ve been up to lately.

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    1. I actually wanna start brainstorming and outlining for maybe an autobiography….. I feel like it’s important to tell my story. I have a writers course in my email. Any tips? I wanna do NANOWRIMO this year too

      1. NaNo is such a fun experience, I’ve “won” a few times, meaning I hit my word count for the month. You have to really be prepared, though, it’s easy to fall behind. I suggest working on an outline before the month starts so you know where you want to go.

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