Word of the Year: Intention

Last year, my word was Growth. I thought it was Consistency, but I think I slayed both of those words! When I chose my word for this year, consistency stuck but also how purposeful and meaningful each action should be. Hence, I chose Intention for 2021. Then, a few days and a Facebook ad later, I chose a necklace with my word of the year on it. I knew it would be powerful to wear it on me like a symbol and be able to look at it every day to move me forward.

How Growth Shaped My Year in 2020

In a personal sense, I contacted a therapist and I’ve been working with them for a couple of months now. I knew my mental health needed some assistance, so I’m pleased I did that for myself.

I have also grown in the sense of social circles and cutting out unhealthy people and toxic relationships. Although I had been trying to do this over the past several years, I was much more diligent about it this time and taking action was so much more necessary.

My responsibilities have grown and evolved into an actionable plan that makes sense for me and our life. We got a new puppy this year too, which added to the stress and growth of my responsibilities.

Professionally, I grew and adapted my blog into something I’m really proud of. At the beginning of the year, I had it designed by my friend Raewyn. After further thought and living with it, it didn’t feel right to me. So a couple of months later, I enlisted the help of Allie and remodeled the whole thing from top to bottom and created a very custom look.

Throughout the year, I also learned that growth can be slow moving and still be a productive process in the end. It takes patience to see what will become of it.

Intention for 2021

The definition of Intention is “a thing intended, an aim or plan.” Last year we weren’t able to do much of that at all.

Intention strikes home with me because it is to do all things with a purpose, plan and positive result in mind, to create change or improve someones’ situation. That is what I aim to do, is help someones’ outlook or perspective on a tough time. Doing each task with a purpose and a meaning is what I’m working at. Last year, nothing was predictable or planned. Our whole lives went haywire and no one could get a grasp on anything. It really affected my day to day schedule, functions and what I expected of myself and others.

This month, I am beginning with having intention with our finances. I’m working on a No Spend January (post after to explain how it goes). It hasn’t been perfect, but I am realizing that I can wait for certain things or replace some things with others that are more pressing or important right now.

I also want to use my time much more intentionally this year. My plan for doing this is by making a schedule or time blocking. I will be working on planning my days and weeks ahead of time.

I am aiming to apply intentionality to each of the seven dimensions of wellbeing: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Financial, Career and Social. Seven months to really indoctrinate what I can into each area for embodying Intention as my word.

What was your word for 2020? Do you feel like it shaped your year? Have you chosen a word for 2021? I would love to hear what it is in the comments if you have!

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