January Favorites

It’s absolutely crazy that we are already one whole month through 2021. I’ve never felt a month go by so fast before! We’ve been staying at home, still being safe by quarantining and staying away from the public. This month has brought a change of life from ordering groceries online to strict doctor office rules, trying to find new hobbies and opportunities from home and still be social somehow without others being a risk to us. Even our new puppy training is online because they are not doing it in person right now with COVID going on. I am beyond excited that we are in a new year- I think time is continuing however it’s what you make of it and a fresh start always feels good. I have been trying to abide by my Word of the Year: Intention– which I think has been going pretty well maybe a solid 75% and in one month I’d say that’s great! Plus the start of winter/middle of winter has been rough and very extremely wet, windy and cold. Here’s some simple things I’ve been loving and enjoying lately…

Starting puppy training classes:

We got a referral from a liter mates family and signed up with Lucid Dog Training locally, we have Katie as a trainer and although we’ve only had one session so far it’s been great! They teach us as much as they teach Eevee. She is learning slowly with the basics but with absolutely consistency I’m sure she will grow to become a well behaved dog.

Ted Bundy: I fell in love with a killer doc:

I was very interested in his story since I don’t know much about certain crime sprees or serial killers (not creepy, simply psychology) but I watched this all on one afternoon and couldn’t pause it! It covers his whole rein of terror but from a unique point of view, from the woman he was in love with and cohabitating with for years, the police investigation (or lack thereof), and how his demise finally came down. I would encourage to watch it- I don’t remember it being super graphic but shocking still in all the best ways.

Visiting with friends safely while keeping that social connection:

It’s so good to feel like I can invite people over again. Especially because we have been at home strictly and literally going nowhere lately. I do worry about others and their exposure but I only invite the few people I absolutely trust!

My iPhone 12 Pro Max:

I had the iPhone X and hated it after being a true iPhone owner up until then, I jump between Apple and Android but the new iPhone 12 Pro Max came out and I’m now at home functioning on strictly Apple products so I wanted to get compatible with them all. Best choice I ever made! And I convinced my husband to switch back with me (a very strict Android user) and he loves it too!

New Year YouTube videos, positivity and motivating routines:

I’ve been following and finding new cleaning and organizing channels as well as mental health and daily routines. Lately, my two favorite channels are Renee Amberg and Brianna K. One of my upcoming goals will be to try to lead a greener cleaner life and to be more minimal and base on NEEDS only.

A Purpose Driven Mom group and S.O.A.R program:

I have been participating and growing in this Facebook group and online course with Cara Harvey. I’m so glad I joined and made it my priority this month. We do a virtual weekly Sunday planning and an accountability check in with what she calls “pods”, like the time management or health pod and those have kept me productive and moving forward. Plus I’ve made some really great friends that I can rely and lean on in the entrepreneurial space.

Content SOS program and hiring help for my blog/social media:

For the past year I have hired a VA, Pamela Hodges from Little Learning Moments and Hodge Podge Moments. She’s been great and has been working with me on how I can work smarter not harder, accomplish more and reach my goals step by step. I have also been able to get help with my social media and my Pinterest strategy (with friends Bonnie and Maddie) as well that will in turn bring me more of the audience I really would like to have. I’m enjoying getting farther in my journey and finding my vision.


Our Atlantic Roots: Carry On

I listened to these two songs today while I was writing this but these are new favorites! I love this youtube channel of music playlists and compilations called “alexrainbirdmusic“. The mood/genre playlists are always just what I’m looking for! I got so much done today while I was just jamming out or listening to the lyrics. It was calm, serene, upbeat enough and let me focus on my work while compiling words for this post.

I guess I had a few less “things I loved” than I thought- but I hope you like hearing about them. It’s been just such a busy month with our new puppy, Eevee, she is getting trained but our seconds of every day have still been all dedicated to her. I’m looking forward to getting to be my own person again and being creative (in the zone) here soon. Also with winter being upon us, it is just difficult to be super productive and motivated when the weather is so dark and cold. I just had a planning meeting with Pam as well so get ready to get some good content in front of your face this February. And as usual if there is anything you’d like to see or hear about, please let me know and I’d be happy to do just that!

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