7 Reasons to Start a Blog This Winter

The dark, cold days of winter are here. If winter usually makes you go a little stir crazy from being cooped up inside, you might be looking for ideas to keep you busy. One idea you might want to consider is starting a blog this winter.

Blogs are a great way to share things you are passionate about or even to share about your life. They can be started for fun, for business or for many reasons in between. I use this blog to share my experiences with others and hopefully inspire them or help them improve their outlook. This blog has been a positive way for me to do that. So I wanted to share some reasons why you should start your own blog here.

Blogging gives you a voice

When you can’t visit people in person as much as you used to, a blog can give you a way to communicate with the outside world without leaving the house. It gives you a voice to tell your story as well. We all want to be heard and a blog is one way to get heard by people who relate to what you’re sharing.

Blogging gives you a sense of community

The comments you get on your blog posts can help you feel that sense of community you may be missing out on at home. You build relationships with people by sharing about your life or experiences, but there are also communities online for bloggers that can give you a sense of belonging. I’m in a few on Facebook and have met other bloggers throughout the years that I’ve become close to. Blogging is how I met many different people and those people have been very impactful in my blog and biz life. They encourage, uplift and support me when I need it the most.

Blogging gives you a creative outlet

A blog gives you an outlet for your own creativity. The more creativity you use, the more creativity you will have. You get to play around with words, as well as see what your readers want to read the most or what topic you like to share about the most. It gives your brain something to think about too, so that your creativity has somewhere to flow.

You can make a difference in others lives

Sharing your experiences, opinions or memories can help your readers realize they’re not alone. I really love inspiring and influencing people through my blog and I appreciate those who take the time to read it. I hope that I am helping you all.

Blogging is a fun place to save or share memories

Blogging can be positive, fun and light. Learning how to do something new, like the tech side of blogging, can be a positive thing for you. It can be challenging, but also a lot of fun. Sometimes life passes us by so quickly that we don’t take the time to really think about the memories we are making. A blog is a wonderful place to share memories that you can come back to later.

Blogging can be low cost to start

Blogs are relatively low cost to start. And you can even start a free version if you aren’t able to pay to start one. There are less options on free versions, but they are great for getting started. You don’t have to get a bunch of fancy equipment or plug-ins to start a blog. If you start a blog as a hobby, you can always turn it into a business later too.

Blogging is your little piece of the internet

Unlike social media, you aren’t as censored on your own blog. You have more control over what you post. In a way, it’s like your little piece of the internet to share things you might not be able to on a social media site.

A blog is a great space for you to share what you love and do more of what you want. Do you think you’ll start a blog this winter? Please leave a comment down below to tell me what kind of blog you would like to start or one thing you struggle with during winter time.

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