How to Be Happy Right Now

In the world we are living in right now, I believe it’s important to practice positivity and help others do the same. We don’t have to be consumed by negativity or be stressed out all the time about life and world events. I encourage you to look around and see the positive in your everyday life. Staying positive is a big part of being happy. There is always something to be grateful for, either big or small. Finding the positive can be hard, but it is possible. If nothing else, I hope you are grateful for yourself and find happiness in being you. You are special, you are needed, and you are beautiful.

Focus on your blessings

Replace complaining with focusing on your blessings. Each time you catch yourself complaining, remind yourself of a blessing you have or a silver lining in your life. There is almost always a hidden blessing in something negative. Each time you catch yourself dwelling on the negative going on, find something positive to replace it. If you don’t like what you’re seeing in the news, search the hashtag #sharethegood to find something positive to think about. Practicing gratitude can affect your mood in ways you hadn’t realized. Gratitude helps you feel happy for what you have. It can even go so far as to make you excited again. It may take practice at first, but the results are well worth the effort that goes into it. I personally try to think of 2-3 positive things before I ever let myself think of one negative thing. It really helps steer myself into a more positive mindset.

Be considerate of others

Do something for another person. It could be someone close to you, such as a friend or family member, or it could be a stranger. With the holidays coming, there are many ways to help out those less fortunate or those who are struggling. It could be as simple as sending them a card or a note to cheer them up, or it could be as big as choosing a needy child to buy gifts for. Listening to others when they need a listening ear is a great way to be considerate of others too. I am naturally very empathetic, and that helps me be a good listener, but anyone can be a good listener with practice. Being considerate of others helps you feel good, which can make you feel happy and content.

Take care of yourself all around

Drink plenty of water, because hydration is important. Make yourself as comfortable as possible with comfortable clothes and places to relax in your home. Boost your mood by listening to music that uplifts you, hugging a person or pet, or cleaning up your space so that feels good to you. Take care of your body by eating healthier, getting the rest you need, or incorporating a routine that you can look forward to. Check out my Morning Routine post for inspiration on routines if you would like to. Spending time on things that you’re passionate about is another way to take care of yourself. The passions you have are important. When you take the time to do something for yourself, it helps you feel better and happier overall. If you have a passion or interest in something, go do it!

Practice self-love

Stop comparing yourself to others. See yourself in a positive light and accept yourself as you are. If there are areas you want to improve, acceptance should come first and then you can move toward working on those areas that need improvement. You deserve love from, and about, yourself. Replace your negative thoughts about yourself with more positive ones. Make sure you are speaking to yourself kindly whenever you catch yourself doing otherwise. Give yourself grace because no one is perfect. Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Cry when you need to cry, just let it out. It’s hard to be happy when you need to cry and release emotions. Letting the tears flow out can allow room for happiness to flow into your life. You can read my Self-Love Letter to Myself to get inspiration for practicing self-love yourself. We are all on different paths, but I encourage you to see yourself as a self-love queen on your own journey.

All of these things are practices I try to use to feel happier and more positive in my life. If you are not naturally positive and happy, that’s okay. It may take time, but you can adjust your mindset to become more positive and optimistic, and you can find life happier along the way. It’s also not about being happy all of the time, but about being more positive than you have been before. We can all use more positivity right now.

What is one thing that you have been practicing to enjoy life a bit more?

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