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For the end of the year, I figured that I would gather all of my favorites from the year in different categories. So I could remember and show you all that this year wasn’t a total waste and had some good stuff in it. I encourage you to try to build your own favorites or good memories from this year and see how much you can come up with. This year has been very challenging for most of us and even if COVID didn’t directly affect you much (well let’s not kid- it had to in some capacity- toilet paper anyone?!) then be extra thankful that you are in that position. I am excited, thrilled and eager to attack 2021 with the same energy and new intentions that I wanted to bring into this year. I tried but it was only really half way met, and I’ve really made a lot of progress. COVID affected our daily life so much that many of my personal goals and things I wanted to do was actually impossible, like traveling (some people did but I never felt comfortable enough to take that risk). I really hope that the current climate of everything calms down and changes in 2021; because man, couldn’t we all just use a big SHIFT.


hot tubbing with Stephanie, learning and playing Majong with Stephanie for weeks, trip to WASH SQ. MALL for a Lego haul, trip to corvallis, bringing home puppy, blogging and brainstorming with Stephanie, trading clothes with Ashley and getting cups from Ashley’s new small business, late night video chats with Ashley and Cynthia, having Moro the Golden Retriever in our house-her “zoomies” running through the house and up and down the stairs, holidays with the in laws, working with Pam and Raewyn all year on blog development and goal setting, getting my MacBook laptop, starting virtual therapy.

Favorite Pictures of the Year:

Majong Practice
Oregon Fire Season


I am usually watching crime docs like Killing Fields, on amazon prime have been my go to jam. Also Dawson’s Creek and Virgin River on Netflix. I’m in the holiday movie feels now! If you are also into crime, true crime or murder mystery type stuff- let me know and I can write up a whole long post on my must-see list.


Taylor Swifts “evermore” and “folklore” albums, JoJo’s new album, Lucy Reams/Scholl new album “20 something”, Ellee Duke songs on Spotify. I was very thankful for good music this year, it motivated me and kept me distracted when I needed that or even for an uplift in the shower while relaxing.


Comfy vests, booties, stretchy jeans- Judy Blue’s and KanCans, ALL THE SWEATERS!! Ponchos, new amazon plush robe, Doublehoods sweatshirts, graphic tees and slouchy open cardigans.


Zucchini Boats, Ranch Chicken, Pasta Salad with Olive Garden dressing, anything HomeChef, learning new recipes and cooking with Stephanie, wine and cheese nights with Stephanie, those were the best, Parmesan and white sweet wine OR Whisps with wine is like a cheese cracker that works just as well.

I just made a recreation of the medicine ball tea from Starbucks (so that will be a post or IG coming soon), it turned out better than I expected for a girl who loves lemon.


•Amazon zebra blanket
•Jade roller
• Scentsy products
•doTerra essential oils
•Tula facial care and skin products
•UGG slippers
•coloring books and new pens
•wireless headphones GHUB Logitech
•macbook pro 16′
•Happy Planner and accessories
•portable back and leg massager wand
•UV PhoneSoap 3 (cell phone sanitizer)
•indoor/outdoor egg chair
• our treadmill with video screen and on demand classes

Podcasts (or podcast episodes):

Pretty Basic, Unsolicited Advice, Hustle Sanely, Crime Junkie, Wild Til 9, Purpose Driven Mom Show, That’s Loaded, Blind Dating, Detail Therapy with Amy Landino. I listen to them all from Spotify.


Why Girls Are Weird I haven’t been reading blogs or even articles much off of Facebook. And of course my dear heart old roommate who started a blog of her own, she is returning in the new year after a short break….
Strive: A Lifestyle by Stephanie Abbett (http://stephanieabbett.com/)


“The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” aka HeLa DNA sequence (I’ve been reading very slowly since April, Still. Not. Done. But I love this scientific and historical storyline, I think it’s one of the most interesting reads I’ve had in a long time. Highly recommend!
Also just started reading “Good Morning, Good Life” by Amy Landino about morning routines and becoming your best self in the morning-It’s fantastic!

Instagram accounts:

@hustlesanely, @jessmmassey, @hodgepodgepam, @littlelearningmoments, @theramblingredhead, @daniaustin @unicornvabasics, @ashley.hartig, @raetothewyn, @meaganrigney, @radandhappy, and @kayla.lippens

Whew! That was more than I initially thought I had to share, all the better for you. I had many moments of dire stress, boredom and feeling sad for no reason other than I felt completely stuck and trapped in my own home. But I tried to find things I love, start new hobbies, to keep busy and active-ish, to have fun and be happy despite the situation. I hope this makes you think of the things that brought you joy this year as well and maybe share a few down in the comments. Here’s to the end of 2020 and I hope everyone has a very happy holiday season!

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  1. Oh my gosh this post was such a fun idea Nora. It looks like despite this year being cruddy you still found a lot of good in it. I really hope 2021 can bring us all a little more light. Love you bunches friend, and thanks for the mention!

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