What I’m Thankful for This Thanksgiving

There is always something to be grateful for, even in the midst of a pandemic. During the month of November, many people take the time to publicly share things they’re grateful for or to at least think about what they’re thankful for. We can sometimes take things for granted and November is a great month to change that. Thanksgiving has that effect on people. I’m truly thankful for both big and small things in my life. Here are some of them:


I have not really been sick in several years. My immunity has been so good and I haven’t had a flu shot ever. Even this year with COVID and some level of slight exposure: nothing. Good as GOAT.


Along with COVID, staying at home and spending freely and covering all our bills, etc. We have made back everything we lost from investments in the past.


He’s my rock, my safety, my one true love. The last few years have been trying for different reasons and now we are thriving. I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to do life without him.

Blog Friends

My blog friends truly have no idea how impactful they are on my blog and biz life. These are the people who encourage, uplift me, and support me when I need it most. They are so smart, helpful, and kind. I love each of them from afar.


These animals are big parts of my family, like my own biological children. They are challenging and funny, sweet and lovable, grumpy, and have real emotions. Dogs have needs just like we do, so I do my best to meet each one of them daily. It’s a lot harder with three now, but I wouldn’t change it.

My 5 True Besties

My sisters. I can entrust them with anything, even my deepest darkest secrets which I’m sure they already know (and vice versa, I’d hope). Each of them has been with me through good and bad, happy and sad, time and time again- a lot of the same bullshit. ((you know who you are…))

This Beautiful Home

We are very blessed to have this big beautiful house and be able to pay for it and its property taxes. I know a lot of people had a hard time this year and I am so thankful that we don’t have to worry right now in such a time of need.

Food and Water

The basic essentials. I love the freedom and privilege of the USA. I’m honored to have food and clean water to drink, bathe in, and the like.


Same point with this as above. Low-income families or impoverished countries are more and more. I am so lucky to be born here and be warm at night, and to have lights and basic power needs. We all take it so for granted. I will be grateful for this more often.


I love having therapy. It is exactly what I needed this year with all this craziness and solitary confinement. COVID was not easy, even as time went on. I was lucky to find someone I really like and can communicate with well. In 3-5 sessions I’ve had so far I’ve made so much major progress and smaller breakthroughs that I’m so incredibly proud of. I am dedicated to at least a year of going to therapy.

14 Years with My Dad

So if you know anything about me or have read more than 3 posts on this blog, you would know that my dad suicided when I was 14 years old. I am however very very thankful that I have many memories of camping, fishing, playing cards, talks, picking berries and seeing him after a long hard day’s work. I miss him so much but I know I can keep these memories close in my mind and heart. And by far, being in therapy has helped me realize how treasured those memories are and how grateful I should be for those 14 years.

Our Subaru Ascent

Our Subaru Ascent is a huge accomplishment and we love her! We chose to do financing for some credit building. We were able to get the newest 2020 model back at the end of 2019. I am blessed that we could get the premium/ultra package with everything included, so we enjoy every time we are in the car, just us two, with friends, the dogs or with family. It’s comfort and style that’s unprecedented in my opinion. We have plans to go on many adventures with this vehicle once COVID really fades out and improves the distance required.

Supporting Small Biz (like my friends)

I have many friends that own and run businesses, doing several different things. Some do digital products, bath bombs, tumblers, cups and gifts, illustrations and more. I fully try to support them as often as I can and set shops as favorites for future dates.

All My Technology

I am very blessed to have not only a great cell phone and a desktop Mac, but also had a PC laptop and now instead I have a MacBook Pro. These allow me to do my “work” and do some seamlessly on both computers being the same brand. I have accessories that I also am able to use and feel lucky to own.

Power Hour and Work Sessions with Friends

I love what I do but there are plenty of days when I get stuck or am completely uninspired and I am so lucky to be beside the other girl bosses and entrepreneurs that strive to do the same. So we have these amazing power hours (concentrated work time) that are planned and productive and full of accountability. It is amazing!

Scentsy & Doterra

These companies mean so much to me.  I have been in many direct sales companies before, but I truly believe in both these missions and the way they do business genuinely trying to better the home and family. I enjoy making my home smell and be comfortable with Scentsy, using some Hygge tactics. Similarly, I enjoy using essential oils in my everyday life, health and wellness. I have quite a collection now and some I use more often than others but, I have an encyclopedia for all these oils and I like to learn more about how to use them.

Practicing gratitude is always important. What are you thankful for right now? If you can’t think of anything off the top of your head, maybe consider the last thing that made you happy. What was it? I look forward to hearing about it!

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  1. What a great post! Thanks for sharing. I think it’s a beautiful thing when we think of all the wonderful things we have. All the seemingly simple things matter. Thank you for reminding me of some of the things I’m also thankful for

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