Welcome Home Eevee: Our English Cream Golden Retriever


A New Member of the Family?

Back in April, we had our roommates and their dog living here for (what we thought would be) a few months. We fell in love immediately with their dog Moro, a golden retriever- she was sweet, loveable, a bit silly but overall what we wanted to bring into our family. Sean and I had talked about getting another dog for a few years but with Maggie’s blindness onset- we just didn’t know how they would both react. But because of COVID, no one in the area was continuing to breed and they were putting a pause on it for peoples’ safety. Then quarantine began. Luckily after searching reputable breeders a little further south and we found a nice lady by the name of Carol who had previously had two other litters. I spoke to her many times about details with the size of the dogs, English cream golden retriever breed, personality, and demeanor. She sent us pictures of each and every update and posted up when the puppies were born. After the 64 ish days gestation, I loved getting picture updates and videos of the puppies growing, eating, and playing. After they were born, they began to nurse, started crawling, walking, running and playing, and of course going potty with growing freedom. It was so fun getting numerous pictures of each puppy and groups of them altogether. All the new owners are in a group text chat-watching and seeing these puppies growing up before our eyes. We are planning a future “white-out” at a local park to get them all back together in about 6 months.

Preview Day-11/1

Two weeks ago, Stephanie and I took a drive a couple of hours trip down to where the breeder and owner of Kaniah, the dog mom. We had a preview day in preparation to bring her home. We drove through the town where I had actually never been before, a college town in southern central Oregon. It was a beautiful chilly day and we made the most of it to spend girl time together. We saw her at five weeks and Sean went down again at eight weeks to bring her home. We drove down at like eleven in the morning and Stephanie drove the Jeep. We stopped for coffee on the way, we jammed out and listened to a Spotify playlist. We got there just a half hr early, so we stopped by Fred Meyers to get a present for the momma dog- Kaniah, and the older sister dog, Karma. We brought a squeaky toy and a rope tug tog for large dogs. They were both so sweet and I can’t believe I get to have one of these special dogs, I’m so impressed and excited. Also, she had the two older dogs doing tricks and showing how well mannered they are. So fun to see how the puppies interacted and each ones’ temperament. I am bursting at the seams to have her home and welcome her to our troop! I don’t know how the dogs will truly feel about their new sister but they adjusted so well to Moro-so I’m hoping they get used to having a puppy in their space.

Pick Up Day- Coming Home 11/17

Sean brought her home two nights ago, with the help of Dillen driving the Jeep. She didn’t get carsick or cry much at all on the hour ride home. I was so impressed by how well the dogs did by the introductions. They were cautiously optimistic and sniffed each other for a good long time. Eevee walked around and became submissive but also wanted to play. We all video chatted with Sean’s parents or better known as Grand Fur-parents. Grandpa is Maggies’ favorite person in the world, so naturally, she will be too. They had a golden when Sean was growing up (her name was also Maggie) so they know the breed and love the breed. Overall it went great and we played a lot, had a lot of potty breaks which she did great with. She was kinda dirty and had some puppy smell on her-so we gave her a bath! She didn’t like it so much the first time but last night when she needed one she was a bit more accepting. Then I had a small mental breakdown because she needed a bath, and then pooped and then stepped in it. I had enough! This is normal however and just like a baby, I had a moment of overwhelm. I still love her and she will learn, eventually with training and time. By the time she went to bed- we all went to sleep so fast, that part has been easy.

She had a busy first week with friends and family introductions meeting this sweet fur-ball. First, my friend, Ashley came over with her boyfriend, James to come see the puppy and take all the pictures. Then the day after, his parents came over to go Thanksgiving food shopping and afterwards we played with the dogs for a bit. They oohed and awwed over her for a long time. The day after that, my other friend Cynthia and her son came over and stayed all day took all the pictures to the point where her mom at home wanted to take the puppy and sneak her away in the car (no way jose!). Then Stephanie stopped by as well to see her puppy niece. They played and played, cuddled and wrestled, and had so much fun! I think she probably had had enough by then because the last 30 mins she slept. Then she peed all over the place and had to get another bath,

All my babies, together, so sweet!

We put her collar on and she didn’t mind that at all (it’s a puppy collar, yellow with bees on it) but Sean decided to get her a new one; a Star Wars one of course. I have been starting to work with her on her puppy nibbles (aka biting) and teaching her to stop and get her attention. She does go to one of two spots to relax, her bed when she gets treats for doing so calmly and between the couches where she often takes naps. Her quirky actions include playing with the doorstop, biting her own tail (or her siblings’) upside down on top of her head/doing somersaults, sliding across the floor after the toy, and barking at her siblings to play with her. Her baths have been a small battle but also she doesn’t mind them really that much. She just loves to get me soaked in the process..which I don’t really mind. Her fur is the softest thing I’ve ever felt so I am enjoying the cuddles A LOT.

Thanksgiving with Eevee

The next day was Thanksgiving and it was an awful start to a wonderful day. She peed and pooped on the floor immediately after waking up and then decided to go 1000 mph through the house and wreak havoc. So I figure she goes outside first now before I do anything else. It was a hard moment and a difficult start to a day that is challenging for me to begin with. I cried in the bathroom for a minute while I regained composure over all the feelings that took over. I started my holiday by being thankful for her, our other two dogs that are healthy and happy (ish), my husband and our family we created with those who we love and who show us love. The in-laws heard of my tough morning and tried to give me a break and occupy Eevee a bit. I was thankful for that too. I’m thrilled that we could have a holiday all to ourselves and our in- laws, it was pretty great. Eevee got her first taste of turkey and then took a nap on the kitchen rug during dinnertime.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Post Thanksgiving nap

We love her!

She is beginning to have a routine, learning her boundaries with herself and with her new siblings, and exploring like a true puppy should. She has tried climbing stairs and does quite well most days, begs for her food at the right times and says sorry by giving kisses. Her traits are following her older sister Karma who has a silly, goofy, spastic personality but is very calm and sweet most of the time. She sleeps hard most of the time in short spurts and then plays like a rambunctious toddler. It’s fun, frustrating, and extremely rewarding. Whoever says that raising a puppy is not equal to raising a baby; sorry I call BS. It’s the same issues and the same struggles with a similar reward. Maybe I didn’t birth her but this past week has made it feel like I did. She is a beautiful dog whom we really love and we are so happy to have her in our family now. Having a new puppy is a huge responsibility and I didn’t realize how much work it would be as an adult. But she is a joy and a thrill and we love her!

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