MacBook Pro Review: One Month Later

macbook pro review

Back in October, I asked Sean if I could get a MacBook Pro. After some negotiating he finally caved and I ordered it. In a roundabout way, it replaced my PC notebook I had- I reset it, something went wrong and it had a system crash. DEAD. So I guess it was meant to be- maybe? I wanted a laptop that would be seamless with my desktop downstairs. I wanted to be able to move from one project upstairs and continue in my office. I wanted to do this review for you because I love this computer, like a lot. It’s done everything I need it to do, it’s portable and more. It’s comfortable and works great. Here are some of the things I love about the MacBook Pro 16′ model.


I like having Siri at the touch of my fingers and having her answer my every whim at the sound of my voice. For quick answers, dictionary help or other random information- she can help me with anything. She learns my tendencies and she starts to understand my routines more and more. The shortcuts there are endless and that makes my computer strategy simpler.


I organized and added a couple of apps to my notification sidebar, things I want to see quickly at a glance. My calendar schedule, my alarms, a quiet work mode button, and my weather and email app. It also still shows my alerts and notifications of events, birthdays, or other things from my calendar.


I guess PCs do this too with online saves and hard drive backups. But with the iMac that I have in my office, I seamlessly can work on projects and switch between super easily. It is a huge benefit if I need to print or scan something in or switch out between projects I can see all my documents etc on both screens as it is, up to date.


I personally love the Apple app store for one reason, they have it ALL. To be honest, so does Android but finding apps on the computer for PC is kinda a nightmare. Or all just web services, no apps. I use Trello on app most of all (right now) for writing my posts in


As a blogger, I feel like I easily save and load up on extra storage space that I might need for those extra 20-100 photos for my blog or those 40 font files (or whatever it may be; backups perhaps. This is the biggest that Macbook sells I believe, I opted for the newest model with the largest space available so I never had to worry. However, did I still buy an external hard drive for my personal photos…. yes.


Who doesn’t love Amazon? Sure you can go spend 100$ on one case and go get the most protective, sparkliest, and most personalized case ever. But I found so many that I fell in love with. I got a bundle for just over 20$ and I got a set of three sold separately for just over 50$ I think. It was one good deal, the one thing I’ll say is triple check your Macbook and screen size so it fits properly. Also sometimes the plastic is tough so it really needs a good snap onto the computer corners. Just be careful not to get pressure damage on your screen!


I actually really like Face Time video chatting especially for Covid times this year. I don’t have an iPhone anymore so being able to keep in touch with my friends and family is a crucial point. I can seamlessly, again message or video chat no matter where I am in the house or in my office.


You can change the colors and style of the folders and windows. This is how you do it. LINK HERE. You can also do easy things like customizing titles and organizing folders into a system that works for you. Choose a great inspiring or beautiful background that you want to consistently look at. It really helps to have great images in the background when you’re working on your computer every day.


I was ASTOUNDED when I heard the sound quality on this computer compared to my 2-year-old PC that I reset and it DIED. I can easily adjust the volume up to one notch at a time and it’s not blowing my ears out or sounding hollow and empty for being on 20. It has an excellent base and sounds full for coming out of the computer speakers. Paint me impressed though, for real!


Lighting, Volume. Window options. Mute. Siri. Change Windows. Video Play buttons. Emojis. Spelling Correct. I love how everything is so quickly controlled and so easily reached. The shortcuts in apps like on the web and in Trello are so easy and quick- they make my “job” online so much more seamless. When I open a program or app like Trello, the Touchbar gives me options to make my work faster. For example, Open a new Card, or New Window while also correcting any errors in your typing.


Three words: Apple Fingerprint Password
It’s amazing. Because I have changed that thing dozens and hundreds of times. The error “Please use a password that hasn’t been used in the past year” is my nemesis.

In summary, I did my research when looking for this and found what things I really wanted in a laptop to make it the most useful to me. I had really heard great reviews and my roommate had just gotten a similar one. Storage space and speed were most important and next the programs and system had to match what I work on most. I love how lightweight and compact it is without having too small of a screen. Hope that this review maybe helped or made you think about features in a new way and prioritize what you personally need.

If you have any questions or want help or my opinion on something- leave me a comment down below and I’ll get right back to you! Don’t forget to share this pin so others can find this post.

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