5 Goals I’m Achieving Before The End of The Year

achieving goals by year end

There is still plenty of time to take advantage of the year, so don’t feel like it’s all over yet. We still have two FULL months of the year left and there is plenty of time to set short-term, bite-size goals that you can easily accomplish. Whether you are making small habits or chunking away at a bigger achievement, you still have time to get done what you want this year. I have just really had the mindset this year and each quarter that, it is all progress, not perfection. Each thing I do gets me that much closer to my goals and dreams. Here are some ideas of areas in life you can work on and what I’m peddling towards currently. Breaking each of these goals down into a weekly or daily snippet is a simple way to incorporate into your day so they get betterment.

Fitness Routine

I would think that some, or most people already have a weekly fitness plan. And maybe that was thrown off a bit because of COVID but the truth is: I didn’t have one. We were just getting back to be “active” when COVID hit and closed the gyms. I’m beginning to realize how important our fitness level is and how much our movement affects how we feel daily. I wish it wasn’t true but I’m getting older and I feel everything in my body more. So of course with winter coming to PNW- everything moves inside with a shove from again, COVID. Yes, you can work out socially distanced but, being a homebody anyway- I feel like this might work better for us. Along with that fact that we will be taking our dogs for walks! We have a new treadmill with some bells and whistles that I am using to attain these milestones within this realm of wellness.

Nutrition and Water Intake

I don’t know many people that have kept a good diet/nutrition during this COVID period. I’m sure a large majority of families have been ordering out more than normal or having “fend for yourself” nights. But I am attempting to meal plan and prep more again and get a balanced meal set for myself and my husband. I started off so strong with water intake at the beginning of the year-with my 32oz Hydroflask from Costco. I was in a cycle of drinking water every morning and night with cold water from my fridge dispenser. But it broke about two months ago and I’m just not a fan of tap water even when it’s good. Since the new fridge is coming this week, I will be right back on this habit and I know it will improve my mental clarity, my skin, and my digestion which has also been off lately.

Bettering my Mental Health

I’ve been in therapy for about 3-4 weeks now, I feel like I am making so much progress on the few issues on my mind lately. I’ve been dealing with some interpersonal toxic relationships. Like many others, I have been feeling lonely and cooped up the entire year due to COVID-19. I had anxiety and depression previously and just felt like my feelings just ramped up again. And even being on anti-anxiety pills, I felt like I needed more guidance in my daily habits and routines. I’m trying to practice better habits like meditation, journaling, reading, and AM/PM routines. I also started a group coaching program by Jess Massey of Hustle Sanely and I am LOVING it already. It will really change things for me as well as my mindset being shifted already.

Build my healthy relationships

I’ve realized with the help of therapy how lucky I am to have a handful of people who love me and whom I love despite all my toxic family members. So I’ve been investing more concentrated time and effort into my husband, in-laws, my four closest (IRL) friends- Ashley, Cynthia, Stephanie, and Stevie. Then I have my blogging gals, another group of ladies who are gems! Pam, my VA, and best online pal, and Raewyn, my woo woo bestie! We’ve been close for years now- cheering each other on in life and biz. I don’t know what I’d do without them! You really need quality people beside you cheering you on in life, it’s so important and makes you feel so complete in your life.

Accomplish 2 Main Things in my Blog Work

This year has been a whirlwind and I’ve been working so much with Pam. I have solved technical issues, learned a lot in the meantime, and crushed some goals I’ve been trying to accomplish for years. My blog was re-designed and found a great design and brand board that I am drawn to and love. I aim to get growth in my social media accounts and create more of an active community. Making progress this year has really been incredible- getting straight forward on my mission, my topics and categories and feeling more confident in my writing is my main focus now. I’m truly super proud of myself for the growth and consistency I’ve held onto. 2020 has been a monumental year, in a few words.

Moral of the story is to not give up on the precious minutes, hours and days that we have left. I’ve also learned to let the extra stress fall by the wayside- this year has had enough of that in every way (especially currently in the election…..). People have been so polarized and opinionated, so much has happened compared to other years past. There is something to the saying, “stay in your own lane”. If I focus on myself, I can only control what I can actually control. I believe that if you just hone in on your own growth then you will be so surprised how far you can get.

Drop me a comment down below, tell me what you are currently working on and/or accomplishing by the end of the year!

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