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Autumn is my favorite season, there is just something special and wonderful about it. Personally, it always feels like a fresh start, a new beginning near the end of the year-Quarter 4. I knew this year with the holidays would be different for us because of COVID, but also just because of the timing of things. We’re bringing home our new puppy a week before Thanksgiving and I didn’t want added stress.

fall decor front
Front Door Fall Decor
built ins fall decor
Added a touch of Fall to our built-ins

Where I shopped

A few days ago we went to Hobby Lobby to get some new seasonal decor. When we walked through the door, we found little to none fall/Halloween decor (which I found out today is because of the religious views of Hobby Lobby). Anyway, to my surprise Christmas was already out though in full swing. Garland and lights, cranberries, and Santa hats everywhere. Sadly Fall and Autumn season was practically erased.
As we looked around I saw some things so we went for whatever we could find that we liked. I mostly wanted floral leaves decor for our vases, to drape on the fireplace, and a few things here and there for the built in’s and dining room.

seasonal fake leaves vases
Seasonal Faux Arrangements

What I decided to purchase

We got some leaf garland, autumn leaf branches for vases (big and small), some fake corn, and faux sunflowers to be added to the arrangements. Sean also spotted a red shiny fall scented candle in Apple Cider right inside Hobby Lobby- so we bought that too. It smells so good and not too strong even though it was lit all evening. As we walked down the aisles I wanted something comfy to just throw on the couch or in the egg chair. I immediately grabbed this bolster pillow that says GATHER on it. It’s sweet and just very “time of the year” to be reminded of how being grateful is SO important; especially in 2020.

The next day, we all (the roommates and us) all went to Target to get some things for their moving day and the new place. As I walked through I saw so many things in all shades of fall colors. I grabbed some new plush kitchen towels in the home aisle. The throw rugs I looked at were all themed seasonal and fall sayings. I love seasonal shopping and decorating for the holidays, especially now that we have our own house.

What I’m enjoying most at the start of fall time:

Here are a few more things that go along with this seasonal post that I’m enjoying.
*Cleaned and used Scentsy Fall scents Cider Mill spray to make everything smell good.
*Jack Skellington Scentsy warmer for Halloween
*Leaves changing and already falling on the ground
*Purchased some front porch furniture as well for the fall time
*Opening windows more for fresh air
*Turning on the heat and fireplace because temps dropped into ’50s/lower 40s at night
*New cozy pajamas and hot herbal tea/hot apple cider

If the year of 2020 has you down in the dumps, then take some time to soak up the start of the season. Wherever you are right now, appreciate what the weather is like, the change of the leaves and the crisp air (or snow…..?) and enjoy the transition we’ve had so quickly after an extreme summer wave. I take a few extra moments to get cozy, drink tea and snuggle up with those I love, my pups and husband. I think 2020 has knocked a lot out of us and although we aren’t out of this mess yet- we can really hold tight to the small wonders that haven’t been taken away from us. Treasure the last few months of this year and stay with a positive outlook.

Did you decorate for the season? What are you most looking forward to this time of the year? Apples or Pumpkins?

Let me know in the comments and I’ll reply!

2 Responses

  1. Do you have a Homegoods near you? They have TONS of fall items!

    I don’t really decorate for fall except for the odd fall scented candle. It just seems like too much for me to keep up with.

    1. Yeah, I really don’t do a lot of decorating throughout the year but fall and Christmas I really enjoy decking out. I didn’t even spend much money for this, just a few things to add a hygge vibe, cozy comfort for the season. I’ll enjoy it until right before Christmas! We have a Marshalls’ in a couple of towns over where we used to live. Same company, I love their stuff- but we live right by a Target so that’s my danger zone!

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