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This week already flew by and it’s just the start of October! Oh, my goodness-can you believe it?! This year of 2020 is almost over- how has it been for you? What good things happened last month? Do things need improvement? Are there changes you can make? I have been thinking a lot about where my progress is headed.
This is just a list of things that are going on currently and I really wanted to share them with you.


The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks (yes, I am still reading this) It’s a great book and I’m still enjoying it. I want to do a review of it when I’m finished reading it. Already I’ve learned so much about HeLa and her cells.

listening to:

A rainy day autumn playlist on YouTube currently, you can find the exact one here. I’ve been listening to a lot of fall-themed playlists and finding new songs I really enjoy. And a lot of Sabrina Carpenter, love her voice!


American Murder: The Family Next Door (which highlights Chris Watts who murdered his soon to be ex-wife and three kids, in cold blood) It is infuriating and heartbreaking, watch it if you want details and want to see how DUMB people can be.


peanut butter filled cheese crackers (the orange ones)- but they are delicious for a snack. Recently a lot of donuts and glazed doughnut holes.


I’m getting in the mood for apple cider and hot cocoa but the weather hasn’t changed much here yet.


Yep, my answer is still Happy Planner. I am addicted to the layouts, stickers, dashboards, expanders, and the brand new Disney collection!

waiting for:

November. I don’t want to get farther in the year, but we have many exciting things starting in November. We have a shipment for a new fridge, a new hair appointment, and our puppy is coming nearer to Thanksgiving. We are so excited and can’t wait.

dreaming about:

my lost loved ones, it’s brought up a lot internally and I think that is a big reason why I’ve been emotional lately. It’s nice to interact with them even in my subconscious state, I miss them so.


Legos! Okay, it was a random day last week and we went Lego CRAZY. I got the Hogwarts castle and town (because hello, Hufflepuff). Also grabbed a FRIENDS show set and cast, I’m super excited to begin putting that one together. Who doesn’t love that show?! I’m totally a Rachel Green!

As far as my monthly goals go, I am getting a few of the same things done. I’ve been better in some areas and worse in others. Last month wasn’t so bad with blog goals but my personal ones fell by the wayside. Let’s see if we can do better this month! I’ll be using my planner as well to track a few of these.

Post at least 1-2 blogs a week

I’ve been doing really good at keeping a regular schedule with posts on time. Instagram has been much more of a creative outlet for me lately as I schedule them out in the Planoly app and brainstorm all my picture ideas to compile.

Read 1 chapter a night

I’ve been reading at night for a few nights now and it’s a really nice way to wind down. I’m really loving learning about science through this book and the discovery of medicine etc and the manipulation within the Henrietta Lacks case. Her personal story and the people involved in her history are fascinating as well.

Post to social media, for every blog post on FB, IG, and Pinterest

I’ve been pretty good about sharing to all my media on a consistent basis. I’m proud of myself for redesigning my old pins and re-distributing them on Pinterest.

Complete more units of SilverCloud app

Every couple of days I have been learning and studying hard on doing these modules to assist me in my mental health, grief, and daily habit building. I am finding a lot of techniques I’ve used before but they come back around to be very helpful and comforting understanding and knowing what it means.

Exercise 2-3x weekly to start walks/weight /resistance/yoga

We recently got a treadmill and I want to begin doing walk/hikes every day or every other day including some weights and resistance training. And doing Yoga movements on rest days.

Begin drafting ideas for email newsletter

I have gotten “homework” on how to begin and introduce myself to my readers and what to include in a newsletter, all my posts, extra content, my Instagram, and maybe tips of favorite moments from the week. I’m excited to restart the blog newsletter, let me know if you have one!
I still have to reconnect my opt in’s so they aren’t active yet- but they will be back in November

That’s all I have for now but if you jive with anything above, please share and leave me a comment below so we can have a conversation! What are your monthly goals and what are you doing currently?

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  1. I just watched American Murder last night and it made me angry all over again. I honestly can’t even fathom how it happened and I’m just so sad for Shannan and her children.

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