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As we move into Fall and for now being a mostly at home society, I know a lot of people are doing home improvement projects. We are coming up on our first anniversary of buying our home. It really means a lot to us and I wanted to mark the date because we are pretty ecstatic that we could purchase a home at 31 years old. For a newer build, there were only a few things that had to be fixed and a couple of things we wanted to upgrade and renovate. I am here to share with you our hopes of home renovations we have already started and are planning to do.

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Shower Renovation:

The only issue we had existing is a small leak beside our shower. The home inspector told us to get it looked at. Depending on how bad the floor and base is underneath will determine what we will do. But recently the base of the shower is creaking more and a crack up the shower wall developed. The company we hired does a base technology called WEDI system this seals and solidify the base of a shower.

They told us to pick out tiles that we liked, order them and they can pick them up. I had to hire a separate plumber to redo the pipework and nozzles. He said that is an easy job and has worked with them before. He advised doing the Delta Faucet shower systems that are then easily inter-changeable. A glass door installer will be scheduled too. It will be a mounted frameless glass door or walk-in shower, which is what we technically want. The frame is hard to keep clean and part of the leak issue we want to remediate.

New Fridge:

Appliances are important. The ice maker stopped functioning a couple of months ago and it caused an over freeze in our fridge. Then it happened over and over and over again. So we decided to replace the fridge/ice maker/water dispenser with a better model. Because of COVID-19, there isn’t the same supply of appliances made in the same volume. The hard thing about fridges is, they have to fit a certain size in cabinetry. In our kitchen, there is a wide space in our cabinetry where we have to purchase a certain size to fit. We are waiting a few extra months to be able to have a new GE Cafe one delivered. We are excited to get a new one that will match our kitchen and function better for us as well.

Office Wallpaper:

About a year ago, I found a wallpaper that I loved. It would look so good in my office, it was removable wallpaper that I can re-stick myself. It’s an Instagram account called anewall or @anewalldecor and they are pretty popular through social media. I save a few of their designs, there is one called Dark Floral Mural


that I’m interested in. It’s a large black and white floral and I’ve seen it in the home offices and in nurseries. It’s modern and sophisticated- in a timeless way. I’m excited to put it up as an accent wall behind my desk as you walk in the room.

Side Yard Garden/Lawn:

We started on the side flower beds that had rosemary bushes and topped with bark dust and river rock. My friend Stephanie and I began by removing the old bark dust. We dug out the rockery, separating the rock to replace back around the tin tub gardens. She and I dug out some dirt to even the ground and lower the profile for the rock. we weeded and got ready for new rock to come in.

Painting Second Guest Bedroom:

The furthest side of our house, we have a smaller bedroom that we haven’t utilized yet. We’d like to make this an extra guest bedroom or lounge reading room or something like that. Painting and making the rooms slightly different is a nice way to give a variation of the rooms. I believe that paint can change the whole feel of the room. A whole new design element can change using a different color palette. This is an easy go-to for home renovations that can build value.

We are getting the yard finished up by the end of the month. Our plans are starting the shower renovation on November 10th. The plumbing the next day, and finishing it up by the time the puppy is here near Thanksgiving. We’ll wait to paint, but the fridge is also coming a few days before the shower is demoed. My main point is that I’m excited to make our house a home even more. These are several simple ways to change your space and improve the day to day quality of life.

I hope you gained some inspiration and are excited about our new projects to be underway. I will be blogging each of the home renovations from start to finish so be ready to see the changes. Be sure to repin this image and share it with friends and family.


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    1. yeah, it was the one issue wrong with our house- we waited a year to get settled and now we really have to do it! But I am also really stoked for a nicer, wider by 5 inches shower.

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