The Meaning Behind My Tattoos

When I turned 19, I decided that I wanted tattoos. I didn’t feel individualistic, unique, or heard at all. I didn’t have preconceived notions about tattoos, I thought they were artistic and usually done well. Tattoos in my mind should symbolize something or tell a story about something meaningful, or be beautiful original art. I used to have a blog page about my tattoos and pictures of them but since I moved to WordPress and redesigned my blog, I thought a post might do the job. I can link it elsewhere in other posts too when relevant.

Here’s a peek at my ‘ink’ and why I decided to permanently mark my body several times..

Ribbon Butterfly: To me, this signifies freedom, flying away from home (symbolically but also truly). I broke up with my second serious boyfriend and I was absolutely heartbroken and angry.

In remembrance: For my dad, in memory of him. He died by suicide and it was very traumatic for me. We have a family company so I decided to honor him and his job as a trucker by getting this tattoo of the company logo and the date he passed along with the word “Daddy”. (I didn’t include a picture here because it’s too grainy and it’s bled through since then and needs to be covered and/or be redone.)

Gemini sign: This is my astrological sign. I have always read and enjoyed my horoscope for as long as I can remember. I feel like I am a two-sided individual both warm and cold. I like things done a certain way, usually my way but I’m okay with help.

Leopard spots: This one was maybe the least thought out, it was an impulse tattoo. Just because. I did want it but the quality and shop I went to- oof! Would not recommend it.

Book Quote/Wedding Date: I LOVE this tattoo and I’m so glad that it’s so visibly on my arm because I see it every single day even when I’m not trying. I will often get asked or someone will recognize the book it’s from “The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Great read- 5 stars. The date is our wedding date! I adore how its almost all 9’s, it hasn’t been a lucky number or anything but it’s been really repetitive in our marriage.

Rose Turtle: I wanted to get this again to honor my husband, for him, for us. We had a turtle thing going there for a while… I don’t know how it started but it just did. He liked turtles, so he got some pacific island/Polynesian turtle tattoos and then a few years later was over it. I got this turtle as a matching (symbol) to his turtle tattoos and he wrote this song when he was young called “Ballad of my red rose” (about his future wife). I loved it since I am his wife, I felt it was appropriate to get a rose adapted turtle.

Lotus flower: “Because of its unique transformation, the lotus has long been regarded as a symbol of enlightenment, purity, rebirth, and triumph over obstacles” as well as it’s said “Pink Lotus: Perfection. In Buddhism, a pink lotus represents the Buddha himself.” Which I kinda adore this whole sentiment.

Family infinity/This too shall pass: in 2012 and on, for a few years, I was personally having some rough times in my family, friends, social circles, and I was figuring out exactly what I wanted for the first time without outside influences. The quote “This Too Shall Pass” was being by me a lot around that time and I liked it and took it as a sign of sorts. Although I do think about my meaning for the ‘family infinity’ and what it means to me is, “YOU are in MY family, forever, regardless.” The people who choose to be in my life and treat me with respect will be loved and cared for every day of my life. Sometimes it’s hard when my family and I aren’t so close but this means “my family, any person who I care about”.

be still/beautiful script: I went through a period of time in my mid-twenties when I was searching for religion, faith, beliefs, and figuring out more about what I thought and believed in.

Image pulled from

Triad of Triangles: Terrenal* means worldly in Spanish**

This means to me Past, Present, and Future as well as Change, Energy, and Equilibrium. I really had been thinking of this tattoo for a long time and knew I wanted a back of arm tattoo, but I wanted it low near my elbow. So that’s where it’s placed and tattooed exactly like the one above. I have gone through a lot of transformations in the past year and grown a lot of ways. I learned to take responsibility for my own faults but not accept others’ issues over and over again. When it’s time to step away, cut the cord.

So, that’s my journey in living with 12 tattoos, I love them, I don’t regret them. A few I would get touched up or reworked because it’s been so long and sun, me growing has affected those areas or the ink has bled and melted in the skin. I am very defensive of my tattoos and I do love them. I have plans to get more..

Do you have tattoos? Why or why not?

What is your favorite tattoo you have*?

What do you think of tattoos in general?

What would you get if you don’t have any?

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  1. Oh man, I’m in the itchy stage of my newest tattoo. I’ve been meaning to do a post just like this but haven’t quite gotten around to it. But thank you for sharing your ink and stories with us, I loved getting to know you better!

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