September Goals

september goals

It’s already the month of September and as much as I can’t believe it, even more, I can’t believe that in about a week it’s our 11th year wedding anniversary. I know we really can’t celebrate much because of COVID-19 and also because of Oregon Fires happening currently… It’s really a heart-breaking situation here right now to be honest. My prayers and thoughts are always with the people and communities affected, ones that were evacuated and homes and towns lost. The smoke is really bad here where I am in the PDX metro area, I’m hoping after the rains come it will clear out and not come back.
On a lighter note, I have been back into a good head space regarding this blog and getting ahead on my goals. I have a lot of things to aim for and I want to make some progress through my days and weeks. Keep reading to find out what I’m going to achieve.

1. Publish two posts a week
2. Regularly posting to Instagram, FB page and Twitter (daily/weekly), build a theme and story more often
3. Finish a book by the end of the month (HeLa/Everybody, Always)
4. Organize online spaces, photos and desktop before MacBook Pro comes
5. Finish 2 blog related projects: redesign 10-20 images with new branding, IG plan/marketing OR Email Newsletter Strategy

6. GYST one day a week and DO IT ALL! *Get Your Shit Together: home, work, body, spirit, mind, random to do’s etc*

Overall, I feel like I’m kicking the slump of the 2020 clouds that have made this year so difficult. Being productive in small ways and feeling accomplished is very motivating to getting all the little things done that need to be.

This is very short and sweet but these are things I feel really strong about and proud of. I got everything planned out this weekend-in my planner with an excess of stickers. We did exactly what we planned on which was mainly meal prep and planning, shopping and cooking dinners all week. I caught up on laundry and I have a few more things I’d like to do before I lay my head down on the pillow. So I’m going to go get those done now (it’s 2:30AM- positive side to COVID; no bedtime) and let me know down below if you have some September Goals, maybe you’ve already accomplished or maybe you haven’t started but swear to get them done by 11:59pm on September 30th. Drop a comment and let’s chat!

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  1. Honestly…. my goal is just to get through the month without getting fired from work for yelling at a rude client. Sigh.

    You have an excellent list of goals here Nora, I have faith you’ll accomplish them!

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