Finally, tomorrow is the official first day of fall and I’ve been doing so much absorbing of media content lately that I just had to share with you. There are a lot of things that change in the autumn but entertainment, shows, and music are also included in that. I get so excited when the new TV series comes out to see what the networks have recently been working on and bringing back on with new seasons. In the realm of music, a lot of new album and EP releases happen in the fall and it’s an easy time to make new playlists and get addicted to new songs.

While I write or work online usually I’m listening to my curated Spotify playlist 9/20, crisp leaves and lattes by kalyn nicholson, discover weekly new playlists from Spotify where I have been pulling from all my new saved songs. I’m really loving Kelsey Ballerini’s new album too, hit after hit.

Late at night when my blog writing is done and roommates have gone to sleep or everything is winding down I put on episodes of cold case files season 2 new on Netflix (on right now, as I type this), watch MythBusters during the day with my husband, or Body of Proof which I just finished (cliff-hanging, dead-ending and never fully concluded).

I always feel somehow that the season of fall is a fresh start. So while I’m doing my autumn clean out and tidy (GYSTing all the way) I have enjoyed listening to new to me but actually older podcast series. Ones like crime junkie, hustle sanely, pretty basic, unsolicited advice, and more. I think I was just late to the podcast game. I honestly love true crime and talk shows so Crime Junkie and My Favorite Murder I just find so interesting to listen to. I follow a lot of YouTubers who do podcasts like Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz, AshleyNicholeXO, and Taryn Renee, Cambria Joy just came out with a podcast called The Joyful Life too which I need to check out.

My friend/roommate Stephanie and I have been getting into planning and meal prepping. We take Sundays as a day to grocery shop, meal plan, and prep. It’s been working out well for two or three weeks now so I think we will keep trying to do just that. Here’s a peek at what we’ve been making lately instead of ordering in: chicken pot pie in the crockpot with crescents, bread crumb BBQ chicken and potatoes, beef and broccoli, steak fajitas and peppers, mini street tacos, and meatloaf too. We’ve also been online shopping a lot, more me than her but I’m a bad influence. So we went to Target tonight and kinda did a sweater weather sweep!

I’ve been feeling honestly really anxious and overwhelmed lately with the sight of things and worries about the PNW fires, now it’s about starting my counseling up again. I’m elated and feel brave to do it and begin all over but it’s a scary slow process so I hope it does better than harm. It’s a tough thing to rehash stuff in your life from more than 10-15 yrs ago and readdress honestly how you’re doing with it all. I’m also just truly thankful and grateful that none of this really affected us much- we got ready but didn’t get close enough to leave our home, thank god.

I’ve been trying to keep myself busy and occupied by customizing my blog, writing two blog posts now every week, and making further improvements to a streamlined process, finding out what works for me and what doesn’t. I’m using the same Content SOS program that Pamela set me up with and I’m really enjoying using the Elementor editor that Allie installed for my back end of WP.

This year has been difficult and in addition to getting some extra mental health assistance- it’s hard to ignore how much I miss friends and how seeing them every weekend or even almost every day just isn’t a safe thing right now. We text and message often though with an occasional video chat which is usually hilarious! Of all the things I’ve been enjoying all the Happy Planner things, funny inside jokes, and fun blog power hour work nights while brainstorming. Also how our puppy being born this week (or already!). I cannot wait to get the announcement, then 5 more weeks until we go pick Eevee out of the liter. And 3 more weeks after until we pick her up- so about Thanksgiving time!

However, I’m struggling with how counseling is going to be like reopening a can of worms, missing our roommates already when they move in a month and how the holidays likely won’t look the same this year or next. This year has been super heavy and complicated for me to wrap my mind around, always waiting for the other shoe to drop (that’s an anxiety/trauma thing).

All I’m wanting lately is to be at peace and calm when things are super crazy in this world and I don’t know exactly how to feel better. It’s super normal at this point for everyone but I’m feeling it hard right now and I have to be patient and consistent with meds for it to improve. I’ve been doing lots of self-care, laughing with friends when I can, and doing things I enjoy for me, otherwise.

I hope this enlightened you into my days lately and I’ll be coming to you again later in the week with a much more vulnerable post, about my dad and thoughts around the 18 years since he’s been gone, longer than I knew him living.
I pray that you’re safe and sound, you were not affected by fire season and that you are feeling loved and secure and if not know that I love you and I’m here for you always, no matter what, forever. Until next time friends.

What have you been up to lately? What is hard? What has been your favorite or most fun moment? Tell me all of the things!

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  1. I am struggling right now. The death of RBG and the fact that our government does not care about her death, just replacing her, makes me so disgusted and angry. In my head I keep thinking that it might be good to just cut ties with this country and run away. At 37 I admit this probably isn’t the most responsible way to think but I just can’t fathom another 4 years of all the hatred in this country.

    I’m also struggling at work. My clients care so much about the customer being right that I feel threatened. They come too close to me and get angry when I ask them to move away. I’m scared of getting sick because of them and all they want to do is be right.

    Sigh. I sound like such a downer right now.

    1. You are not a downer! First of all, thank you for commenting and interacting, I really appreciate it ! I think really everyone is starting to feel the long lasting effects of Covid and our entire crazy world right now so don’t blame yourself. Be gentle and ignore the stupidity! Believe me, I am a PRO CANADIAN!!! LET’S SCOOT AWAY AND EAT CRUMPETS EH? lol sending love

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