August Reflection

This past month has been a whirlwind, while it still felt like March, I was ready for August to come and go…A light and breezy post to start us off in September by looking back so we can step ahead in growth. I have lots of plans to start chasing in September, so I want to get a layout set for each step of the way.

Things I loved:

crime junkie podcast
still shopping small boutiques
finishing some shows up that I’ve been watching- Caroline, the guardian
spending time with hubby- out of the house
going to inspection of friend (potential) house

Things I bought: Fall clothes
Coats and Jackets for cooler weather
Norwex cleaning products-review to come

Things I did:Hanging at the mall
Going for errands with Stephanie
Hot Tubbin’
Dinner at La Costita Mexican restaurant (no survivors- oh nooo)
got hair touched up/brazillian blowout straightening treatment

Proud of:

New blog design
Consistency for the last two- three months in blog posts
More Instagram engagement
keeping a clean home
Being social even when its hard

I encourage you to join me in this short little monthly reflection. I’d love to hear what you enjoyed from the last month or so that really made you enjoy life and not be so stressed out or all the things you accomplished. 

Be sure to repin and share if you enjoyed!

august reflection


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