Last week while I was talking with Pam from Hodge Podge Moments she brought up the idea of doing a movement of positivity. In the world we are living in today it’s important to help, encourage and uplift people around us, not randomly but every single day.

FindthePositive2020 is a movement in which you can take simple everyday moments and recognize them for what they are: Special. It’s hard for just about everyone to be happy, joyful and content in such a tough point in our lives right now. It can be a world wide recognition that there is ALWAYS something big or small to be thankful and grateful for. Finding the positive is choosing the high road, especially when it’s hard to be bright and “optimistic” about your life every single day.

How positive thoughts have changed your mindset in the past

As a former pessimist, I know the value and change in myself and how people interact with me on a daily basis when I’m eliminating the negative viewpoint and quit voicing it constantly. It makes me a HAPPIER and more well rounded person when I practice daily gratitude and focus on the good within a few select seconds or minutes of my day. It also makes me EXCITED about sharing something positive to perhaps lighten someone else’s day. With so many negative events in our world on a daily turnaround even when we aren’t in a pandemic, it just makes much more sense to highlight all the good, on a small and big scale. ( I think we could even include, things outside of our lives that make us happy, share good news and funny things that brought joy to our day).

Tips for finding the positive

Tips for finding the positive include but are not limited to: taking a negative situation and seeing the silver lining, even the smallest of things will do; realizing that not only the unpleasant current predicament but also what could go right in the scenario and taking into account how people on the other side may be positively affected; finally spreading positivity is contagious once you spark the flame- it creates a fire within others.

EXAMPLE: Maybe you are saving money for a house; it’s going to take longer than you thought- but taking the extra time is building your own patience for that dream house that you will one day get.


  1. Pam and I’s plan is to be posting 1 thing a day that is positive in its own right on Facebook or Instagram (or other social medias, if you don’t have those).

2. By using the hashtag #FINDTHEPOSITIVE2020 we will be connecting with those others who are participating and showing support for the community

3. Do one kind thing for another, spark a flame- create a wild fire of optimism and positivity.

Sharing your positive with others – the impact it can have

I read a quote today (shown above) about not knowing the capacity of someones’ life, you only know, maybe |————| this much of someones’ life experience. You can never be sure how one action can positively affect another moment in life. I have heard so many stories and have even experienced this a time or two. A kind gesture done for another person can go great lengths to improving their life or even perhaps saving a life, in a desperate time of need.

Where you can post positive things & join in

This will be an active movement across social media, mainly on Facebook and Instagram. We would love it if you joined up with us and spread the #FindThePositive2020 message. This was just something we wanted to do so badly when Pam first thought of it. I’m honored and lucky to call her my friend and to have her help me with the shaping of this blog. Leave us comments to engage and tell us what you’re doing in September to Find The Positive everyday- we would love to hear about it!

What is one positive thing that has happened to you today? Leave me a comment down below.

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4 Responses

  1. This is amazing! I love what you and your friend are working to do in switch your’s and other perspectives and take the good and amplify it! #FindthePositive 🙂

  2. I am struggling with positivity right now. My job is downright HARD. We’re losing employees, the new employees are making a lot of mistakes, clients are absolutely terrible. It’s just a lot. Thank you for this Nora, I needed it.

  3. I am very happy that today it was nice out. Not too hot, not too cold and my man and I got to go for a drive and get a few things done. It’s always nice also to have a few bucks to be able to grab a coffee along the way 🙂

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