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Nora Spaulding: Currently August

August is here, my goodness! I cannot even believe that nearly 2/3 of the year is over already. It feels like it should still be March, April or June maybe, but I’m shocked and bummed because this year hasn’t allowed me to do much physically and just taught me to stay calm and be patient. 

Reading: I am still slowly enjoying The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and I would fully recommend it. Even for a scientific heavy book, I am finding the personal parts and dialogue very enchanting. I also have a Bob Goff daily devotional for one year, so I’m going to begin that in the mornings. 

Playing: I have a bunch of mobile game favorites (if that is what this means). I do still occasionally play Animal Crossing New Horizons, but I tapped myself out on it and the new expansion for swimming came out. I haven’t picked it up again yet. 

Watching: Body of Proof. Okay, I get it’s repetitive, but I love this show! It’s funny, getting more dramatic and keeps my attention through every episode. I am also loving going through all of my WATCH LATER playlist on YouTube. I am getting so much inspiration and enjoyment through this lineup of past videos. It’s been keeping me busy when I get blah and bored.

Listening to: Of course the new Taylor Swift folklore album, because who isn’t obsessed with it?! Also: Hustle Sanely podcast- available on every streaming podcast provider. It’s great- check it out! I use Spotify to listen to it.

Working On: Making this blog better and a nicer place to hang out, as well as more helpful. I’m also working to fill out some content that can be reused and reread over and over. 

Wanting: A treadmill, which we just decided to purchase and it will be here at the end of the month. I’m so excited to make a change for a more active lifestyle. On Amazon, I bought a set of resistance bands, some workout moves, stretches, exercises and yoga flows on posters for the “workout” room where the treadmill will go. I’m expecting some adjustable weights as well. They’re not the ones I had hoped to get, the PowerBlocks, because they are completely sold out

Needing: More connection and adventure. This quarantine is difficult for everyone, but I’m usually a homebody, so what the heck?! More video chats, please! 

Loving: Naps, puppy cuddles, snacks and sunshine. (Not loving- the garter snake I saw in the yard today, I researched and found out they are good for the garden and common in wet, neighborhood areas. It was long and startled me but AH!)

Thinking: That I want to rearrange my office and I plan on doing that this week sometime. I want to move things and switch up my layout because I have to keep my desk where it is. I also need to organize and use my office for productivity and motivation. It’s my space and I should use it more often and cherish it. 

Feeling: Exhausted. It’s like I do nothing really all day, and yet- I can never feel rested. Also, my mental health has taken a hit and I’m just trying to stay on top of managing it well. I am on medication right now for anxiety/depression (I scored an 8 out of 10, so yes I needed it). I have been building habits and being healthier in every way possible. 

Celebrating: Almost celebrating one year in our house. It’s coming up on a year in November and I can’t believe we won’t be moving every year now. We are doing some improvements and changes and settling in some more in the next few months. I plan on sharing all that on the blog, so let me know if you’d like to see all the before and afters and the projects we plan to do. 

Thankful For: My husband and my friends that I can rely on. I’m happy that I’m so blessed and thankful for our life. Our house, again I’m so pleased that we found our place and our forever home where it will all unfold from here. 

These are just some things I’ve been tossing around in my brain lately. I was a bit behind this week so I decided to do an easier, lighter sort of post. We need these once and a while, just for fun posts. Tell me what you’re thinking, feeling and grateful for and what you’re loving. I would love for you to share with me your own, current list in the comments.

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  1. I can’t believe that it is August either! I love this, Nora! It was so nice to connect with you on a deeper level, where you are at in life!

    Here are my Currently’s!

    Reading: Currently I am reading blogs! More exposure, more learning about what I want in my blog and supporting others!

    Playing: Not a lot of playing currently, just haven’t had the time! Between Blogging and working towards our goals, that’s been my play! I have been wanting to pick up Animal Crossing New Horizons again though!

    Watching: I have started on Heartland on Netflix again! It’s one of my favorites and I couldn’t help it 🙂

    Listening to: Anything and everything that is motivational and brings on feelin’ good vibes! I’ve definitely been pushing it lately on time and work, so its been good to have those encouragements.

    Working On: My blog! Its been such a good thing for me! I’ve been loving it.

    Wanting: To meet our goals! The main one being becoming a home owner!

    Needing: Right now, all my needs are met! There have been times in the last couple months that I have needed more time, as I maxed out my schedule, but that’s about it. I am so very blessed and so thankful!
Loving: Life! Life is good, and we have been SO very blessed through this year!

    Excited For: I am excited for August 22nd! On August 22nd, I will be moving my Mustang-Horse, Blue Belle, to a Boarding Facility from the family farm and I literally cannot wait! I have had to put my horse life on hold, for the last couple years especially, and I am ready to get back into it. 🙂

    Celebrating: I am working and learning how to celebrate the little moments! The small goals that we meet, that small moments that matter so much, that build on each other to make the big moments! 🙂

    Thankful For: I am so thankful for my Husband and Partner in life and his unwavering support. I am thankful for my Golden, Moro and my Mustang-Horse, Blue. They make life better 🙂

    ~ Stephanie:)

  2. NORA! I am LOVING this new look, oh my goodness!

    I’m struggling with exhaustion right now as well. Work has just been so hard and I find myself struggling to go each day. I definitely think I need a change but that’s so hard.

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