We Bought A Hot Tub… (and Why You Should Too)

What’s more enjoyable than a hot tub?? Grab your cup of coffee in the morning and get in to relax and start the day on the right foot. Or sink into the hot tub in the evening, after a long, hard day, to de-stress from any tension. And trust me, we’re all feeling that tension right now. A hot tub can really help improve your daily life.

Why we bought a hot tub

Our reasons for getting a hot tub were tenfold. Both of our backs have been aching more than usual due to inactivity during quarantine in addition to simply getting older, water therapy for after chiropractic adjustments, to use every day because I love hot water and a hot tub is also great for couple bonding and relaxation. We knew it would be a wise investment, as well as a fun purchase.

Planning to get our hot tub

We decided to take a few months and get our home together first, before we planned on getting a hot tub. When it was time to get it, we searched online for stores with great reviews because it is a decent-sized purchase for most and we wanted to get quality. There were two stores in our immediate area that we had been advised to check out by my in-laws, and since they previously owned one similar to one we wanted, I trust their recommendations.

Our hot tub shopping experience

First, we went to Marquis Hot Tubs, which was a wonderful store, and had great selection and accommodating pricing. We spent about half an hour talking to a nice salesman who introduced himself and answered all of our questions. I had never been to a hot tub store, let alone ever owned one, unlike my husband. We just knew we wanted to invest in a slightly bigger and higher quality tub.

The spas came in every size from a Pack and Play 2 seater, 4 seater and 6 seaters. Each model started at a basic level and had built-ins with many bells and whistles, plus anything you might like to customize. The biggest of them all was a 10 seater with a wave swim spa you can use for physical therapy or strenuous exercise. The associates weren’t pushy at all, and were very helpful and highly educated about each size and product.

The second location was the complete opposite of Marquis, and although we had pretty much already found what we liked and thought might work there, we wanted to really scope out the market. Unfortunately, the second store was run by a pushy, commission-based manager who only wanted to get our information to potentially turn us into a customer in a way that gave us a yucky feeling. That really turned us off and made us ultimately give our service to the better-equipped place that we had first chosen.

What to consider when shopping for yours

While having quality and selection is important, it’s also important for them to treat customers with respect. I recommend checking out a few different places to see what they have in stock, the options and different sizes. When contemplating buying a hot tub, you should also definitely have a budget in mind. They vary slightly from model to model, but the price grows as they increase in size and accessories. Although the smaller ones will be cheaper and a more standard option, with customization, you can get more of what you want.

Deciding on our hot tub

When we purchased ours, they only had two in the stockroom, one of which was an older model and one that had a crack in it and would be repaired and discounted. We decided to go with the third option, which was to customize and build one. We would be waiting longer, but that seemed like the better choice for us, as we would be able to pick color, texture, size and accessories for it. It was definitely worth the wait!

Hot tub care and highlights

As for taking care of your hot tub, the store clerks will tell you what chemicals you will need to use for your hot tub, as well as give you cleaning and refilling instructions. Be sure to get those directions at the store or when the drop off happens. You can choose saltwater or a mix of chlorine and other chemicals. They advised us to empty, clean and refill every 6 months, but I think it’s stayed very clean and functioning well in the 6 months we have had it, so we will wait up to a year.

Our hot tub goes up to 104 degrees at the highest and can be set as low as 98 degrees. The model we chose is a second tier model, meaning it’s not the best you can buy, but it’s a nicer and higher quality hot tub. It has fountains (which we didn’t know about until delivery) and they don’t serve a purpose other than they look pretty and provide ambient sound. There are also lights that can change color which is fun when you have guests or just want to be playful.

Our back patio had a space on the cement pad for it, just beside our back doors in a sitting nook outside where it fit perfectly. We did buy a flip-top cover and the lift to hold the cover while it’s off, which makes it easy and super convenient for one person to do on their own.

Why we love our hot tub

Overall, I’m so glad to have bought it. It helps me relax and loosen my back with the jets or when I need to just release tension. My husband and I spend lots of time in it, relaxing and planning out the rest of our house ideas. Oftentimes, I will sit and talk with my roommate (and friend) in it at night and reflect on our day and life’s troubles. It’s a nice atmosphere and allows us to bond and get closer, which I adore and can’t be thankful enough for.

It’s been about 6 months now and we absolutely love it. I use it nearly every day. My husband, who doesn’t like to get too hot, uses it a lot when his back and body get overstrained. It was worth the money. We got our value out of what we paid and it wasn’t an outrageous amount when it comes to hot tubs. They can range anywhere from $2500-16K, so it really depends on what you have in mind, what your budget is and what is available to you.

Thank you for reading! I hope this provided you with a good perspective if you’re thinking of purchasing your own hot tub and spa. Let me know in the comments below if you have a hot tub or if you’re thinking of getting one soon! If you have any questions about our experience, I would love to hear them there as well.

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We Bought a Hot Tub | Nora Spaulding

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  1. I love this! Getting to spend time with you chilling/warming up has been amazing and really opened my eyes to how valuable a personal hot tub is!
    Such good info and outlooks in your article, and reading your own experience was valuable! Thank you!

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