July Goals and Intentions

july goals and intentions

How insane is it that we are halfway through 2020? But now let me ask, who’s relieved that we are halfway through 2020? I know we are living in a new kind of world and that we are facing a lot of stressful and conflicting issues right now but I’m choosing to stay positive and to focus on my GROWTH! (my word of the year)

These goals are some that I’m working on, most for this blog, and I’ve thrown in a personal goal or two as well. I hope these get you thinking about what you want to accomplish this month!

1. Read a chapter a night
I have been book crazy lately. Amazon has definitely had my business for all of my reading wants and needs during this quarantine. I’ve been in the process (slowly) of reading Everybody, Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People. I’m really enjoying it, especially during this difficult, strange time. I can usually read a chapter or two a night and I will aim to do this and be more regimented about it.

2. Keep posting consistently
My posts are getting much more regular and on schedule. I’ve been using some tools to keep myself accountable and it’s paying off. You can come back here every Monday to find at least one new post a week. I’ve been trying to start varying content and see what my audience really likes and finds useful. I just wrote a post about what I’ve been doing in my blogging process and the program from Pam I have been working on.

3. Keep track of social media numbers
Social media is one of my focus points now. Between IG and my FB page, I’m trying to keep things fun, relevant and interesting. Community is important to me and so I’m building that here and through my accounts from here on out. It would be nice to see growth, even if it’s slow or gradual. Now that I’m focusing on quality over quantity, I really enjoy making and sharing posts.

4. Use my planner and keep track of daily and weekly to do’s
Recently, I got a Happy Planner. While I have a review coming for that soon, after I’ve been able to use it more and can give an honest opinion, I already love it and how easy it is to use. I also love how fun it is with all of the stickers I bought! I can see my chores, budget, to do’s and goals on a week/month glance. The option to design any planner you’d like with the tab in or tab out feature is very convenient.

5. Start even better self care practices
During this weird time, I have been doing more to take care and spoil myself in small ways. Even regular hygiene is a must for being your best self even at home during a quarantine. Hair and face masks are a fun thing to do when you need a little TLC and can improve the feel of both. I want to try something new like meditation or a journaling practice.

I’m writing this as I hear big booms from Fourth of July in the background- so may I wish you a belated Happy 4th and welcome to July! It’s a new month. What are your monthly goals going to be? Tell me what they are down below in the comment and re-pin the image to share!

“Do not dread for what you have not done- pursue all you can become.” -Me (couldn’t find this quoted by anyone else)

4 Responses

  1. Love this Nora, sounds like you’re really working to do the things you want to do.

    And I have to say I am so happy to be on the latter end of 2020. It’s time for this year to be over already.

  2. Love your Goals! Keep it going!
    I’m so glad we can walk through this odd time together, and your encouragement is always so amazing.

    A few of my July goals are:
    1. Get in a Bloggin’ groove
    2. Keep my hustle going
    3. Keep myself Healthy and Well
    4. Take me time to do yoga, or meditate.


  3. That’s a really nice quote at the end.

    Let’s see… I would have to say my goal for this month is to focus on reading The 5 Love Languages with my boyfriend. I am open to ideas. I think relationships can always be improved, so I’m excited to see what we learn

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