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This week I had to do something simpler on the blog because well things around here have been kinda crazy and stressful. I hope you enjoy this though because it’s everything I’ve been up to in the last few weeks. I’ll be doing some back end work this week and working through making my newsletter better and more efficient.

Loving the great weather and sunshine and outdoor enjoyment of summertime. It’s weird because we were thrust-ed into this season when we all were staying inside. Also loving the boutiques and shops I’ve been shopping locally and buying all the things I don’t need but fall in love with.

Watching hoarders, CSI Miami, tiny house nation, lots of shows to finish up like Royal Pains and Being Erica on HULU, and still loving- Home Before Dark on AppleTV.

Listening to everyone’s quarantine playlists, random music sets on Sean’s playlists, and lots of new artists on Instagram ads.

Playing Majong. Myself and Stephanie have been playing Majong almost nightly, trying to figure out the rules, play strategy, and doing our best to improve the game skill.

Eating #everything. Cooking some good new recipes but mostly eating out and enjoying that mostly. Although I can’t wait for the day when I can go to a sit-down restaurant again without being worried.

Thinking about the world these days. It’s a cruel, dark, twisted thing and while I believe in the good in people- man it shows that it’s hard to remain so hopeful and positive when our minorities are being attacked and killed for no reason and protesting and rioting, in my opinion, for no good reason and not always peacefully.

Reading everybody always by Bob Goff. I’m slowly reading it but it’s really good. Especially at a time like this.

Drinking iced americanos and lavender lemonades from black rock coffee bar. They are amazing and my new favorite thing to drink- I hope they make them available to order on UberEats.

Feeling anxious and worried that this whole thing could go on forever. It’s changed our world dramatically and it’s crazy living in this new reality where there’s much more fear about the virus and human contact.

Thankful for my husband, all my friends, people reaching out, and being kind. Our emergency and medical personnel and those who have to go to work daily to continue their lives.

Discovering how much I love listening to podcasts in the shower and hot tub evenings. I can listen to Hustle Sanely podcast and learn something new and motivational from Jess Massey while I shower. I also really enjoy relaxing on a cool night in the hot tub, it’s been so great to have it and enjoy these summer nights.

June Goals

  1. I want to focus on continuing to write a blog a week and produce varied inspirational and motivating content.
  2. I will start to work on a new opt-in freebie and a newsletter that serves and informs you better.
  3. I want to continue and make a better habit of reading every night and/or morning.

That’s all, I hope you enjoyed it. I’ve been consuming a lot of media and shopping online (more than I should), so if you’d like to see a round-up of entertainment or a ginormous haul- please leave me a comment and that will be one of the next posts I put out.

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3 Responses

  1. I think these are totally doable goals. I find that the best way to get into the habit of reading before bed is to have a set time that you go to bed so you give yourself time to read.

    1. Yes absolutely. That’s what I need to work on is a bed time. We’ve been off any kind of sleep schedule so maybe mornings would work better for me. Even 20 mins would help the habit.

  2. I’m always looking for new ways to organize, new ways to improve and just continue to learn. Your blog always inspires me and reminds me I’m not on this journey alone. Thank you for that Nora <3

    P.S. I also want to read more. I used to read all the time and now it's been months and all I've read to be honest is Cosmo lol

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