32 lessons I’ve learned for my 32nd birthday

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Hello again and welcome to the blog! Thanks for being here and celebrating my birthday with me! Being in quarantine right now is not what I had imagined for this year in my life, but I have learned so much before and because of it. These are all very valuable life lessons that I’ve been through in the last 365 days. Here’s what I came up with when I thought about the past year, and I hope you enjoy them…

1. Family isn’t always blood.
2. Toxic is toxic, don’t return to it, no matter who, what or where it is.
3. Getting older is hard (physical pain gets worse, gaining weight, adult acne, etc) so take care of yourself like you should.
4. Being married for 11 years is a long time. It’s still wonderful.
5. I’m learning more about my psyche than ever before.
6. Mental health is really important as you get older. If you need any kind of help- go find it, ask for it, get medication or counseling. You don’t have to be miserable.
7. Patience is a virtue. It’s all in the timing…
8. Big milestones are both exciting and stressful.
9. Taking care of yourself physically is ALSO important. Health and dental conditions also decline as you age.
10. I’ve learned what my top priorities are in the past year.
11. Don’t give up on your dreams- they are always there to reach! It’s never too late.
12. Stay in touch with those who show you love and care about you, don’t distance yourself.
13. You NEVER know what someone else is going through- don’t compare tragedies.
14. Karma is a real thing- so is intuition, and it’s a powerful thing.
15. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”
16. Organizing and decluttering is an ongoing process and it will help clear your mind.
17. Music is such THERAPY.
18. Keep track of your small wins and keep your momentum and consistency going.
19. Grief doesn’t just fade away- it will be with you for always. It gets better, then worse and then some days are really great and positive. Deal however you can in the healthiest ways possible.
20. Enjoy the sunshine. 🙂
21. STOP COMPLAINING SO MUCH (no one wants to hear you whining)
22. Don’t let someone plan your life for you- make your life what you want it to be.
23. Reinvent yourself- sometimes that’s necessary and fun.
24. MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY FIRST. Then make others happy as well.
25. Communication is key, learn how to communicate properly with others.
26. Not any one experience is the same.
27. Adventure is out there, chase it and go on travels while you can.
28. Time is precious, so don’t waste it. Make the most of the seconds, minutes and hours in every day.
29. Say yes more and know how to say no when you need to.
30. Hot showers are a cure for any emotion
31. It helps me feel less alone when I relate to someone about the same thing. #wifeprobs
32. I love to decorate our home, it’s one of my favorite things now.

Now that was a long time coming, I had those all on my heart and most of these just fell onto the page. I had to include a few sorta silly ones because I’m still young at heart! I really hope you enjoyed all these and perhaps you got something from them as well. Let me know down below in the comments if you resonate with any of these on the same level… And be sure to PIN the image to Pinterest to share and subscribe to the newsletter so you don’t miss out!



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