12 ways to keep your vibe high

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag/Drifting thought the wind/Wanting to start again

Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin/Like a house of cards/One blow from caving in
Do you ever feel already buried deep/Six feet under scream/But no one seems to hear a thing…. -Katy Perry “Firework”

Maybe this sounds familiar… and it should because A) Katy Perry is a genius, and B) it’s highly relatable and feels right. I just thought this would be a great topic to cover when we are all feeling a bit down and out of sorts, due to everything that’s going on in the world, and need to raise our vibes. I’ve been working on using these on a daily or weekly basis so that I can continue feeling level headed and as upbeat I can. Keep reading for the tips and let me know down below what you’ve been doing to keep your vibe high lately.

Keeping water in our bodies is essential. If drinking water on a daily basis is hard for you then there are plenty of options including infusing water with fruit and yummy herbs which should greatly help or using some non-sugar flavoring drops. They also come in many flavors.

Dress for comfort. Being comfortable in your own skin and clothes is important. It can also make you feel kinda funky when you’re not. So when you can, put on sweats or stretchy jeans and a comfortable breathable shirt. Cuddle up into a blanket or comfy couch, sit up straight in a sturdy chair, or wrap yourself in a shawl blanket. My roommate gave me recently, and now it’s my favorite morning item of clothing.

Music is my therapy and I believe in its power to change your mood and help you through things. If you’re in a tough spot, having a good day or a bad day or want to get emotions out, a new playlist is a great way to either improve or enhance your mood. I have recently found a lot of YouTubers and Vloggers are sharing more of their quarantine tunes and have been saving them ALL.

When you’re stressed or feeling low, it can help to change your mindset and think of positive things. I try to write down 5-10 things I’m grateful for, especially when I’m having a hard time or am slow to show it.

If this point isn’t for you that’s okay but I like to reach for things that make me examine my life and give me some answers I’m seeking for security. So at times, my tarot deck is exciting and my crystals make me feel comforted. Sometimes I write out my worries and fears and getting them all onto paper helps a lot too.

Start tidying something, then move onto something else. Do the dishes, take the garbage out and vacuum a room. I begin to clean my bedroom and then pick up clothes and do laundry. It’s funny how momentum picks up and continues once you begin. Then, sooner than you know it your space is clean and you can breathe again!

Open the windows! Let the fresh air in! It will help you breathe and make everything feel new again. Sometimes our spaces and heads can get musty and we don’t even notice it. I would also add that using an air freshener or melting some delicious wax scents can be another great way to refresh a room.

Hugs are healing so make time each day to hug someone you love for a matter of 10-20 seconds. It will ease your stress levels, relax muscles, increase serotonin and dopamine, reduce tension and body aches, increase mood and ease depression.

Feeling stuck is hard and what a way to raise your vibe and mood than by making just a step or two in the right direction. (Do one thing that moves you closer to the goal- Jess Massey, Hustle Sanely). I swear it will help and you’ll feel like a rock star. If you just answer 3 emails, write one post, call back that important person or finish that budget report, whatever it is. Just take your time and it’ll be finished before you know it!

Be smart with this one and eat intuitively. Healthy greens, a protein and starch, otherwise called a balanced meal. Eating foods that aren’t good for you is a trigger and it will make things in your life slide real fast. Snack in a way that’s kind to your body. I am not good at this but whenever I can, I really try to make choices that are better for my body. I feel like I have a pretty good balance of nutrition and enjoyable junk in my own lifestyle.

Prioritize sleep. Because you’ll feel better for it and it’s crucial to working and functioning like an actual human. Whatever you do aim for at least 7-8 hrs, it’s the minimum anyone should be getting who has work or children to take care of. If you cannot find a way to sleep peacefully for 8 hours, then try to squeeze in a nap or rest time and relax your body and mind for a while to refresh yourself. Sleep allows our brains to work properly, for our bodies to heal and for our spirit to reboot in a sense. It has always been one of the main things our bodies need (like water and food) and simply cannot live without.

The term “splash” I’ve just learned online in a Facebook Group for Oregon residents to gift from Amazon wish lists to each other without expecting anything back. It’s such a nice sentiment and I’ve felt amazing when I’ve done it for many others and been blessed in return. I like to be a “pass it on” person. I try to pay for coffee for the person behind me, or treat my friends and family when they need something. I just do what I can and call it good. This also does NOT have to mean gifting, it can mean time, listening, affection or doing something free and fun together.

With all these tips you can avoid the moody blues and keep feeling your very best which is exactly what we all want right now. It’s easy to let everything get too much and bring us all down,  stuck in that yucky, dragging, lazy place in our lives. But the whole point is not to stay there, there is still so much to explore and more to get done every day, with plenty of ways to keep your vibe high.

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  1. Love this! I’ve done so many of these since we’ve been isolating at home! (Well, except for drinking enough water because I keep picking up the tea and coffee instead LOL!) Have you heard of bilateral music? It’s been helping me a lot during this time with so much triggering my anxiety. And hugging someone… I wish so badly I could do that more right now. Social distancing makes that so hard. And #9! Yes! Goal setting and ACHIEVING has been a lot more possible during this time now that we have less to do. Great post during these difficult times!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and found it helpful … I’ve really been missing hugging my friends lately. I’ve been working really hard on my goals and man it feel so good to achieve them.

  2. These are such great tips to keep your vibe positive! There a few I didn’t even think of, so thanks for that! I also love some feel good music, as well as practicing yoga and meditation!

  3. I like how these are practical tips! At times, it seems impossible to keep a high vibe all the time. I especially like the tips which allow me to be productive and happy.

  4. I love this! Keeping your vibe high is important (especially with 2020 continually throwing new experiences at us left and right) and there are really great steps here for helping to do just that! One thing that really stood out to me was when you went into gratefulness and shifting your mindset back to what truly matters. This is SO important and it really can turn your day around! Mindset is POWERFUL!

    ~ Stephanie
    PS- I am so happy that you love that blanket shawl 😀

  5. What wonderful tips. So inspiring! I do enjoy listening to uplifting music when I am feeling rotten. Lol. These are wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing!

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