12 Budget Friendly Date Nights At Home

This crazy Coronavirus has us all over the map and our lives are twist-turned upside-down (tell me if you get the reference!). For some couples, that includes our relationships. I wanted to put something out there for all the couples who need some date night inspiration and are stuck at home. With so much stagnant energy from living a repetitive and restrictive life at the moment, we have to get a bit more creative when it comes to intimacy and keeping our relationships afloat. Here are my 12 ideas for a stay in date night for little to no cost.

Teach each other something night

By teaching something new to each other you find a new bond through learning and being shown how to do something. In my case, my husband has shown and taught me how to play games (yes he’s a big gamer). I often share things I’m doing for my blog and/or social media. It may not be teaching per say, but sharing those differences in any way can be helpful to relate to each other even more. It’s all about sharing a piece of your life and including them in aspects they may not otherwise be a part of. Perhaps you craft or knit, maybe one of you likes to read a lot, or boating, running or tennis. There are many new things you can start doing together. You may even find a new hobby to share!

Movie and popcorn

Movies are quick enough that watching a good movie, even on a weeknight, can easily be done. Pop some popcorn, grab your favorite treat and cuddle up in a blanket with each other. Discover a new genre or find one that makes you both laugh. If you’d like to see a “best movies I’ve seen” list- let me know in the comments below.

Camping night inside

Cozy AF.  Grab all your blankets, pillows and even sleeping bags and pile up in the living room. Turn on the fireplace (if you have one) and enjoy an indoor campfire. Or if it’s nice outside, camp in the backyard authentic style. Tell some scary stories, make a simple packet dinner and play some outdoor sounds as you lull yourself to sleep in the safe, wildness of your home!

S’mores by the fire, candlelight or microwave/oven

What fun to add to a camping theme night or do on its own as well. S’mores are so simple and good. You always think of camping when you think of S’mores. So many methods to make them indoors and outdoors too, the fire outside, fireplace inside, oven, stovetop if you have a gas stove or microwave! You can make it more exciting by playing with what you put inside like small marshmallows, chocolate, toffee, Reese’s and top Graham crackers maybe in cinnamon flavor. These could all be good substitutions.

Rearrange a room or complete a project

This is one of my favorite things to do together. We have many times turned around and decided we needed fresh scenery by changing furniture, bed sheets or hanging curtains or new artwork. It definitely changes the space and breathes fresh air into your daily lives together. It’s like the simplest way to get a fresh start! Add a plant for greenery, a new candle or oil diffuser to improve the aromatics in the home as well.

Stargazing and cuddles

Again grab that blanket and head outside. It may be best to do this when there are shooting stars or a constellation overhead. I used to spend time doing this with my father and it is one of my best memories of him. This is especially fun when you’re in the country or away from city lights. Use a telescope to get a better look and see if you can teach each other about planets and stars. Even better, make a wish at 11:11pm and maybe it’ll come true!

Take a hike, walk or do outdoor activity

Way to go and be active together. Get your heart rates pumping and feel better getting some exercise, especially when we are currently all stuck inside or at any point, really. Pick up a new sport together, go for a bike ride or take a hike to a waterfall and be sure to take some pictures, carefully. This builds trust and adventure and who isn’t up for that?! There are probably many spots all over the country where you can go explore. I love even a walk around my own neighborhood and we discovered a nature walk right behind our own suburban neighborhood. So you never know what you can find, if only you start looking!

Play board games

Whether you like Monopoly, Life or Jenga- you’ll like this date night idea. It’s so fun when you can play a game and be challenged by someone else. Go to the store and pick out a game that neither or you have played and see what it’s about. Or play cards or put together a large puzzle to get your minds off things and spend some quality time together. There’s nothing like working together to get all those pieces to fit together.

Make a bucket list together

Who doesn’t have a bucket list?! Doing this together means you get double the ideas and double the fun. Even if they are simple easy things, it’s exciting to have new things to experience and aim for. See how many you can come up with, maybe 100? Make a fall bucket list or a life long bucket list for the adventurous couple.

Marble run or dominoes maze

These look like they can be really fun! I’ve always wanted to try this but haven’t done it yet. It takes brainpower to build and construct something that’s gonna work, which is another layer to this activity. Working together is a huge skill when spending any amount of time with someone else. Dominoes can also be very fun to line up and watch fall. It takes time to set up but the pay off of them hitting each other is not unlike adrenaline on a roller coaster ride.

Make dessert together/ice cream bar

Can you say delicious?! I mean this may be my ideal date night!! I am a huge ice cream fan. And I also love brownies! Gather up all the ingredients and toppings, make it together or go buy it… doesn’t matter, but it’s decadent nonetheless. Maybe get some chocolate strawberries and this can go elsewhere? Nothing like adding romance and chocolate together for even more fun.

Name old songs, jingles or watch old cartoons together for a laugh

We’ve done this on late nights and man it brings back so many memories of childhood. Plus it’s fun to see if you remember the jingles or commercials that are so vastly different than the ones we have today. A while back we subscribed to Cartoon Network which became a fun date night thing to do. All the old Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig, old Mickey Mouse cartoons… it’s a throwback to nostalgia. And that’s it folks, maybe you’ve used some of these ideas before, and maybe not. I thought these were pretty original because we have also been searching for new ideas to be close while stuck indoors and in quarantine. Even if you’re not right now, these are low-cost date night ideas that are really fun! Let me know if you use any of these dates nights with your significant other or even a few friends! *Make sure you enter your email in the box on the homepage to get your free 2020 organizational wallpaper and get my posts sent to your mailbox, once a week. I’ll be picking this back up soon- so be sure to sign up and not miss any new posts coming your way! ** Also be sure to LIKE & FOLLOW my FB page and follow me on Instagram!

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