February Goals

Welcome February 2020! This month came after the longest one in HISTORY. Why did January feel so extremely long and drawn out?! Kinda weird. I feel like I still got a lot done last month and I can see where I came up short (read: reading at all)  Which stinks but I need to just plan a bit better for that one. I was pretty steady in January with the blog besides the last week, that was a tough one. However, I’m right back on the saddle (horse reference ha!) and I am planning ahead this month. February is all about love and connection so I will be blogging with that in mind. For now here’s what I want to work towards and get better at implementing.

1. Continue to build this blog and create the content I’m proud of

I had help creating this beautiful new website for the new year and my direction. So I want to fill it out and make it more searchable and helpful for those who will find what they are looking for here. I don’t have my categories set up very well and my tags are just not done at all. My brand is on target and it is now just a matter of always making sure it’s intentional and followed through every time.

2. More intentional reading time

This is a bummer to me, I wanted badly to achieve this perfect reading schedule this year but a month late isn’t too bad right? I’m starting a book tonight and I will be setting aside a half house before bed to read. I used to love to read and I just am very picky about what I read and how it comes across. I have an extensive Goodreads account and honestly I have not read as much as many others.

3. Project GET HEALTHY

I am devoted to taking this year and my health seriously. There are so many steps I need to take action on so that is exactly what I’ve been doing. As a couple who hasn’t had steady insurance in years we really felt like we needed a premium plan this year to achieve all we needed to get done. BFit gym is our next adventure, making our physical bodies more healthy as well. My mental health is something I’m actively pursuing and taking care of, I chose a medication to try out. In addition to learning what triggers me and how I can cope with it on a daily basis. And my dental issues which is another story *rolls eyes* That is a definite priority and I hold anxiety about that too.

4. Keep adding design and decor to our place to make it feel “home-y” (also cleaning schedule)

We have some built in’s that I wanna take our time decorating and choosing what to feature in our home. But truthfully, it’s kinda driving me crazy that it’s empty. So maybe we can try to start finding things we care about aesthetically to place on those shelves. I’ve been keeping to a pretty good weekend clean schedule and then tidying up after messes when need be. The sink I’ve been trying to keep clear and load/unload in unison which will become habit soon.

5. Keep practicing my hobbies

Blogging isn’t the only thing I do- but it’s my favorite. I’d like to keep practicing my digital lettering on my iPad with Procreate and explore more brushes. From time to time, I also practice French on an app called Duolingo as well. Adult coloring is another hobby I take part in when I am feeling stressed or in a bout of anxiety. I’d like to start saying that going to the gym is a hobby of mine and an activity of mine but I’m not there yet.

And that’s it folks, there we go and a couple days in already and I’m about to TACKLE these goals with the most intention (check one, this post!). I have so much to be thankful for and you are one of those things. Be on the lookout for a newsletter this week with all my latest posts and a personal update. I love you all so much and thanks for reading!

What are your goals and intentions this month? Share them in the comments below and we can cheer each other on!

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  1. Oh my gosh Nora I feel you on dental health. I’m going in to start a dental implant procedure next week and I’m SCARED but I know it needs to be done. So the extraction is next week and then eventually I’ll get the implant. In the meantime I’m missing a tooth. I’m so nervous about it but I want my mouth to be healthy.

    I think all these goals of yours are totally attainable, you can do it!

    1. I guess they came out about 50/50. I was better at mental heath and cleaning than anything else! But it’s progress right~?

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