Happy Friday #1

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I hope you’re having a great start to your weekend- can you believe we are through our first whole week of 2020 already?! I can’t. We’ve been up to a lot lately that I’m so excited to tell you about. After a relaxing and thrilling holiday season we are ready to just settle into life and start growing in life from here on out. I’m working hard on the back end here to make things run and be a little smoother and easier to navigate (with much help from Raewyn). 

  1. cleaning out all the cardboard and recycling
  2. cuddling with my two doxie dogs under a cozy blanket when its cold
  3. spending precious time with good friends
  4. a happy holiday with family we don’t see often
  5. a new website design and good direction in 2020
  6. book list 2020- (my GoodReads account here)
  7. finding a wine I like and enjoy after many years of ‘hating wine and beer’
  8. music motivation monday- finding great new playlists to get me pumped and expand my musical listening tastes (would you like to see/hear some new playlists I’ve made or ones I follow and really love?)
  9. Home Chef meals (post coming soon on this as well!)
  10. HOT TUB! coming soon….. we are soo excited that we are able to get a hot tub/spa for Sean’s back and my love of hot tubs and relaxing (I’ll share to my Instagram , @noraspaulding so be sure to follow me there!)

It feels so good to share these wins with you and if you ever want to join us in this Happy Friday series all you have to do is list ten things that made you HAPPY during the week, be sure to grab the Happy Friday picture, tag or link @weirdgirlblog and tell her I sent ya! She’s been writing this series for years and I truly love it! Plus she’s a fantastic blogger and friend. Also she is known for writing amazing book reviews which is a pillar of her content- if you’re a bookworm head on over and find your next read for 2020.

I hope you are all well and enjoy the beginning to a new decade. May all your dreams come true this year!



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