Action Steps I’m Taking

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January is already two days deep and those two days have just flown by! This year, intentional moves are on my mind- hence me staying on track and writing this post. I have been listening to all kinds of people saying toss out your goals and resolutions because that isn’t the part we need to focus on. I agree, instead insert methods and action steps to achieve those said goals. Start by focusing on one or a couple not a whole laundry list of tasks and things to accomplish. It makes it easier for you, more planned out and then you won’t hit the burnout.

1. Blog

Here’s where I’ve started, this is a multi point step that I want to work on. Growth is my word of the year this year and I began by having my whole site renewed and redesigned. It was so nice to see a fresh space here and it gave me new inspiration and motivation for 2020. So I really wanna see growth and readership here in addition to people taking value from my content. I work really hard (when I am being consistent and planning), so I really want to feel good and proud about what I produce and how I’m doing just that. Filling out my archives and making enjoyable content is my one main goal this year.

2. Social Media

Yesterday I heard one of my best friends say basically “don’t be on every social media- if you don’t vibe with something or if you don’t use it, cut it out”. I learned by hearing that that you don’t have to be everywhere. I uninstalled Twitter because I just don’t use it and I’m not a fan of scrolling there. Pinterest, IG and Facebook are much more beneficial to me and my blog audience. Intentional and meaningful posts on platforms is more of what I’m going to be doing now. Consistency is  key here as well so I’m working on this and my routine of posting.

3. Reading

I HAVE to read more this year. I don’t know about you but I feel my brain is so much more invigorated and works harder to process when I read/get more media and plan my days more closely. So that’s what I plan on doing, a 2020 read with me book list is coming in one of the next posts so stay tuned for that. I am following a reading challenge loosely but also I just want to use my Goodreads account and start diving into so many books that I have bought and/or saved. I find it so inspiring when I watch or see people reading all through the year and I closely follow a friend of mine who does a lot of book reviews. On the blog this year, I’d love to start doing the same and sharing more of what I love.

4. Marriage

I want to build and create our relationship to be stronger and with better communication and equal expectations. Being more intentional with our alone time and how I invest into him and vice versa. Date nights need to happen on a regular basis and I’d love to start planning some future trips. Designing and decorating our home has been very exciting and super fun to do together. I can’t wait to see what even just the next 6 months hold. I want to rekindle and feel like we are each others’ best friends. It’s so easy to forget that marriage is a union of two people who deeply care and respect each other. So I need to keep that in mind, we still love each other very very much and I want to reflect that better. That’s what I’m getting at, it’s easy to get stuck in a cycle together and I don’t want for my marriage to be on autopilot.

5. Health

The first few weeks of 2020 aren’t gonna be so fun. However, they will be highly beneficial. We were able to get our health insurance back at a high level so we have less to cover out of pocket. I’ve been scheduling appts galore, medical appts, dental appts, therapy and chiropractic and specialty appts. I’m so glad that we can get a greater level of care but we NEED it for this year at least. I have a few mental health issues that I’d like to see worked on more for healing and closure, as well as general questions about my female health and what is in store for the future.

I hope this was helpful for you if you’re making goals and aspirations in the new year. I have a few more NEW YEAR related posts and then I’ll get back to much more varied content that’s useful and productive in the everyday. Thank you for reading along and staying by my side. This felt so good to write down and complete for the coming year.

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If you have Action Steps for your goals I’d love to hear them in a comment below!!!


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