5 ways to make progress in 2020

The start of the year has been very eye-opening to me already. I have discovered how much effort it’s going to take to do the things I want to accomplish this year. And it frustrates me when I fall off my new found habits. So I’ve been giving myself grace and beginning again. I missed the month of January to start my reading journey but here are some things I’ve begun to do and taken into action. You can use these ideas to make progress in 2020 too!

1. DRINK MORE WATER- Fill up your bottle every night, drink through the night when you wake up thirsty, drink again in the morning and finish it before you have coffee and keep drinking and refilling every chance you get throughout the day. Another way I truly get more water in (when I dislike it) is to add EO’s or lemon to my water or even fruit to the bottom and infuse it with a slight and pleasant flavor. Then it’s much more delicious and I drink it way easier.

2. BE MORE ACTIVE- Walk more. It’s so easy, use a step tracker or don’t if you don’t care, as long as you’re moving more than you usually do. We are bad about walking our dogs so every couple days we’ve made a point to take them for walks (just a few times a week to start) but they love it and we do too. Plus they get tired which gets extra energy out as well. Walking is such an easy activity for almost anyone to do.

3. PRIORITIZE YOUR WORK- It always helps me to write to do lists, and keep track of my goals and projects I’m working on. You should prioritize what’s most important over general things that don’t have a deadline or are not crucial to your daily goals and progress in life. Recently, I have been trying to set work hours especially on weekends when I know I have free time. This has given me much more concentration and focus to get things done completely. Top three is also a great method to narrow all your IMPORTANT tasks down to a doable amount per day.  My newest favorite thing is my digital planner by Jess Massey and I have made so much progress in my daily and weekly plans simply by using it.

4. EAT HEALTHY & BALANCED- I am not perfect and I’m truthfully not doing so good in this area lately, but we are trying to find simple ways to find success. We’ve enjoyed subscriptions like HelloFresh and HomeChef and it gets us to cook fresh and appropriately portioned sizes of good food most days. Personally I need to incorporate more fruits and vegetables as snacks. It’s not that I don’t like them but I don’t buy them as often or reach for them like I should.

5. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF-Dedicating one day a week to treating yourself extra nice is really beyond necessary in the world we live in today. Besides just having better self care and more self love for your own being, taking real care of yourself at this time of year is ideal. Schedule a checkup, a dental visit and anything else that’s an annual occurrence. It will take the pressure off of you for a while if this happens in January, and then you have a good six months until you worry about it again.

I hope these tips help you with growth and progress in starting to take action in your daily life. Let’s try to not fall off by Feb 1st, keep those goals rolling and strive for them each day. Let me know if you have any questions or if you need any help!


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