Update in my 31 in 31

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Welcome back! We all know we can start a goal and then easily lose track, so I suggest starting small, taking on a couple at a time and focusing on those alone. Don’t be afraid to change or remove any goal that doesn’t align with you as time goes on. I know it doesn’t look like I’ve done a lot, but I’ve recently been focusing more on my personal goals and my blog growth and changes around here. I thought now is a good time to show you what I am and have been working on.

Here are my 31 in 31:

  • Get Permit
  • Get License
  • Go house hunting (started 10/3/19)
  • Buy a house (bought 11/4/19)
  • Get another dog (moved to the future)
  • Save 5-10K for savings/emergency fund
  • Plan and take a trip (maybe dream trip- Greece? 2021)
  • Start yoga
  • Begin Yoga teacher training
  • Redesign Blog/New Message – aim for goal or purpose (Dec 2019)
  • Post at least once a week for the next few months/6-12 months
  • Revamp newsletter/new opt-in
  • Get Medical and Dental Insurance and be up-to-date on everything (2019)
  • Anniversary trip in September, local- beach trip, mountain trip, Hood River? (McMenamin’s spa/massage and D&B trip-post tbd backdate?) (Post about this soon)
  • Make a daily water goal (drinking much more at night and through the day using my LLR bottle and lemon oil, and get a hydro flask and yeti for water intake) (Check!)
  • Track steps and sleep with Samsung Active2 smartwatch
  • Create and stick to daily AM/PM routines (been doing pretty good on this one, need to work on keeping a consistent sleep schedule and wake up earlier((need to restart routines and stick to them))
  • Daily journaling/gratitude list (get back to writing daily)
  • Post to socials once a day or few times a week (done)
  • Have a date night twice a month
  • Start using a planner for real/to-do list daily (accountability on Trello) (Sept/Oct)
  • Change up my style/look (Fall 2019)
  • Stop accepting people who treat me badly (a few examples of this lately, I might blog about this later on)
  • Be more open to sharing my life with others, in social media or otherwise
  • Keep going to the chiropractor (schedule another appt)
  • Get my blog back-end straightened out (Trello list on blog maintenance)
  • Take care of dogs health and wellness (shots/teeth cleaning/weight management) (new vet, Jan/feb)
  • Start and maintain a weekly cleaning schedule *share on blog* (Nov-Dec 2019)
  • Get a health checkup/dental work done (2020)
  • Transfer family pics to SD card/Print off pictures for mom, send them to her (I can do this this coming week)
  • Celebrate Sean’s birthday (we got cake and stayed at home together, that’s what he wanted!)
  • Self-care time weekly (take bath, face mask time on Sundays?)
  • Read more books this year (begin using book reading time)

So this is a six month check-in, and although I haven’t made much of a dent in completion, I think a lot is happening in the next six months. So I’ll get more done and update when all is finished.

I was able to put a dent in many of these at the very end of this year and some plans that had a deadline, so that helped. I’m planning on writing a few posts related to these which many will be coming soon or backdated and I will link them when they are relevant. Here we are at the eve of a new decade and I’m so excited to accomplish all of these and start new ones come January!

Have you ever done a 30 in 30 or any of these yearly age-related goal lists? If you have, please link it below so I can read it!


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