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Thinking about: I’m thinking of ways to be productive and consistent. Also about what I want to do with my future and getting into hair school or what path I want to follow. I’m such an indecisive person so writing really pertains to me and my flexible lifestyle.

Reading and/or watching: I’ve been trying to watch all the things. Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Xfinity Stream etc. I am an intake of media I can’t help it.

What have your favorite shows been lately and where can I find them? Leave me a comment below!

Dreaming of: a white Christmas…. which won’t be a real thing but I sure had hoped this year would end up being cold enough. It’s been terribly rainy and windy here the last few nights.

Eating: chocolate currently. I am in a mood. But also anything that I can eat. All about the food lately- what can I say?!

Listening To: Podcasts, I’ve been trying to just listen to everything possible. I’m sinking into so much music,  shows and entertainment and being inspired a lot by all of it. It’s a really great way to end 2019 by feeding into so much content!

Loving: Our home and home decor, we chose all new Christmas decorations this year. I love that the holidays are here and people are around us. Sean and I’s life has changed in the most adult ways and we are LOVING it. So excited to spend it with people we love and care about!

That’s it for now folks! I’ll try to have a recap of our holiday plans and maybe a what I got for Christmas/picture brigade if I can manage one with family here.



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