Hello lovely people of the internet! I am sharing some things that I really love that I have gotten or discovered recently. None of these things are new by any means but maybe you’re like me and haven’t seen or tried them yet. I highly recommend them all and let me know if I can help you with anything such an an invite or links attached to sign up!

Here they are:

ThreadUp: So recently the weather just cooled down so I placed a couple orders on ThreadUp for sweater weather and replaced some warmer clothes that didn’t fit me anymore like my long sleeves and a few heavier items. If you’d like to shop using my link you get 10$ to shop and so do I!  SHOP HERE NOW 

In September, we had our tenth wedding anniversary and it was a huge milestone for us, we are overly proud of that. We decided to treat ourselves and grab some new Samsung Active2 watches to track our on the go lifestyle, help us be aware and become more healthy over all. We love them so far! We made plans to get massages at a nearby hotel and spa called mcmenamins Edgefield. It was lovely, afterwards we shopped the gift shop and walked around a bit. Then we decided that night to celebrate a bit more by having some good ‘ol fun at Dave & Busters arcade/restaurant. We had a grand time and we are planning an epic trip for next year!

SkinnyDipped almonds: OMG these are among the best things I’ve ever tasted! They are a great on the go healthy snack and there are so many flavors of which I have grabbed each one I can find, variety am I right?! My 1st choice has been the chocolate mint or the peanut butter ones.

We have been trying desperately to quit soda! And the only thing that seems to work most times for me, except when we go out (which has been too much this week) is Zevia. A stevia alternative to soda, with no extra sugar or preservatives. I’m liking it enough to not crave soda too bad but haven’t given all soda up altogether. I’m getting there and I hope to RARELY have it at all in the future. I’m enjoying the Dr pepper flavor and the ginger ale ones, although I’ve tried the cola flavored ones too and like those as well.

One day last week I discovered that I had run out or gotten rid of all my perfumes and old body sprays. I wanted to find a new low cost solution instead of sulking back to a store known for that kind of need. I asked around and after my friend Ashley told me about Scentbird I was hooked! I subscribed and chose a BUNCH of scents I think I’d like to try. A sample comes to you at a small fee, but with more value that the 3 uses from a store sample size. These you can travel with and keep, mix and match, as well as cancel at any time! I’m excited to receive my first 2 scents in the next day or two. I just received my perfume samples which will last me forever and I love the twist up holder and nice velevt small bags.
I wore my perfume today and I’m addicted…. I kept smelling it in the air and I loved it. I will continue to order perfume samples on a monthly basis for awhile to see how much I really love using Scentbird. CLICK ME FOR SCENTBIRD

Well I hope you try these things that I’ve been loving and are my current favorites! Tell me what your favorites are and if you try something I mentioned.

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