7 easy steps to be eco-friendly and green

Being greener and eco-friendly is important for many different reasons, both personal and for the earth. I’ve recently come to the conclusion (a little late perhaps) that a lot of my own daily habits are making a big negative impact in ways that I could easily change. So I’ve begun to make some simple everyday changes that for me, make a big difference in my mind and make me feel better about those choices. I say do what you can, don’t fret over the rest. A bunch of small swaps is the best way to be more environmentally friendly and to create a personal change. Small changes can add up big time. These are the changes I have started with. What can you do to make a new small switch?

1. Use reusable fleece or cloth towels for clean up and spills

I have recently switched from paper towels to pretty much ONLY cloth towels and hand towels for cleans and spills etc. One of my new friends actually makes them and sells them locally at fairs and craft events. I love them! If you’re interested in using them too, contact me and I can link you up to her. Mine have dogs all over them and they work so well! They are SO easy to use and wash and don’t go straight to the trash (such a waste!)

2.Use green and eco-friendly sprays and all purpose cleaners

[you can also make your own using essential oils/OnGuard]

I have switched to Mrs Meyers and Method. That may still not be one of the greatest options, but I intend to start using doTerra OnGuard products soon and make my own cleaners without real chemicals

3. Only use glass cups and water bottles then reuse them for everyday use

[this one here I use]

I use my glass water bottle SO often. It makes me drink much more water because I can use my EO’s in the glass BPA free bottle, which I can’t do with plastic. I use a drop or two of lemon oil and drink water much more throughout my day. It tastes good and is so refreshing too!

4. Use cloth bags and such for grocery trips instead of paper and plastic bags

Carry them in your bag with you or at least make sure they stay in your car, so you never miss an opportunity to use them. It makes it all more simple and easier to do, and you’re lowering the use of throwaway paper and plastic bags.


Separate glass, plastic and cardboard from trash and food waste. Even better, start a compost at home if you can for any compostable items you would normally throw away.

6. Start using reusable beeswax wrap for saving leftover foods like fruit and veggies, rely on glassware for Tupperware

I haven’t gone this far yet, but I have gotten rid of my plastic junky GROSS Tupperware and use glass ones now. They are easier to clean and more sustainable. Beeswax wrap looks like a great option for lowering the use of plastic wrap as well.

7. Walk/Bike more and Drive less if you can

I know this isn’t always feasible, but if something is nearby, walking or biking can be a way to lower pollution and get some exercise in at the same time. I also believe in the round trip method if you can’t walk or bike. With this method, you get all your errands done at once if you can, instead of making multiple trips, and drive in one long direction instead of back and forth across town. Be as efficient as possible.

Truthfully, I realized what a big impact my actions were making and I just know that I feel better not having so much waste (because I am not perfect in other ways). I will adjust and do what I can to make better choices. Each small change you make will add up over time.

I’m sure there are more options and things you can do, like using less water, which is also my downfall, but here is where I’m starting. I hope this helps you and I think this will be helpful for someone at the beginning of their green journey like me.

What are you doing to be more sustainable and eco-friendly, to lighten your footprint on the world as far as waste and the environment? Let me know in the comments below. Feel free to share additional ideas too.


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