Coffee Date in May

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Coffee date posts are so popular in online blogs and spaces. I really love them and I think that Alissa Circle’s blog was one that created it, or at least the first one that I saw. I like to read them and see what hanging out with them would be like in real life. Even if it’s just catching up on the day to day life, it’s a sweet moment to relate to each other and be friendly in a comfortable setting.

If we were having a coffee date together…

First, I would say how beautiful it is outside and ask to sit in the sun. I would probably decide on Starbucks because I live right near one and it has outdoor seating. Starbucks is nice for the atmosphere, coziness, chairs, bright sunlight and it smells deliciously like coffee. I would highly suggest the Mango Dragonfruit Refresher that’s new right now and I’d grab a very sweet, heavy on cream, iced coffee.

Second, I would tell you that I’m really looking forward to living life again. Without being dramatic, I was very lazy, unmotivated and purely not driven towards anything in the last few years. I am trying to change that now! I need to work on getting my permit/license. That’s gonna be a process but I have to make myself start practicing and just be diligent about important adult life goals and achieve them. A passion project for me is the blogging that I’ve been doing for about ten years. Getting active again and into yoga is high up on my must do list as well.

Next, I would mention that I need to be a bit better about my blog and writing space. I’ve been pretty good lately but I meant to post this week already and haven’t until now. I want to do my work in batches and be better about plain consistency.

I would tell you there has been a spike of hot weather this week as well. Can anyone handle going from 55 to almost 90 in 5 days? NO THANK YOU! I love summer, but a fast drastic change like that is hard to take. I’m looking forward to our pool opening up again because, despite all the kids around here, I think it’ll be too hot to not go in pretty soon.

Recently, I’ve had some family ups and downs (well what else is new?). I hope that I’m not the only one with drama and siblings who just don’t seem to understand you or treat you like an ACTUAL adult!

Lastly, I would tell you my new couch is a favorite of mine SERIOUSLY. I am in love with the fabric and soft durable material. It’s a grey-blue color and hides a stain or doggie hair very well. We got a new bed frame and mattress too which is again very comfy. I also invested in another pair of headphones because my last pair was peeling and falling apart. These are a good quality set and will last me even longer than those. The sound quality is great too and has a good microphone in it for speaking online if I need to.

I would then walk you to your car or wherever you’re heading, give you a BIG hug and say goodbye. But don’t worry friend, we’ll do this again soon.

What is your favorite place to go for coffee? Do you visit with a friend or mostly go on your own?


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