20 Ways to Pamper Yourself (when you really need it)

One day when I was deep in a pit of despair, I thought about sharing some ideas on how to pamper yourself when you really need it.

Yep, a few months ago, I was depressed but I don’t think I knew it at the time. I was nothing but a slob on the couch and barely moving at all through the day. I was just continually going through the motions and not giving a damn about anything or anyone. My group of blogging besties started talking about being better with self care. I think everyone was having a hard time about this point, and I had to brainstorm (with their help) new ideas of things to do for myself that would improve my mentality. This is where I got so many answers and started trying to apply them back into my life. It’s easy to lose track of whether we are taking care of ourselves or not.

I also took a look at what I take stock and value in, and where I put my own fire and passion into. It helped a lot and got me centered back to some new form of myself. Now that I’m feeling better, I have more resources and a better idea of what to do when I’m stuck in that space because there is always the possibililty that there will be a next time. I hope that you’ll take something from this and realize there is so much more you can do for yourself, to rejuvenate your mood or headspace when you need it most.

  • Nap– Sometimes a nap is just what the doctor ordered. Getting rest restarts your mind, body and soul. This is also something I do a lot.
  • Listen to music– Create a new playlist each month, or just turn a station on and jam out, have a dance party or learn new lyrics instead of just humming along.
  • Watch new tv shows– I mean Netflix and C H I L L, what else can I say? We have so many streaming options, no joke I’m watching like 50 shows right now trying to finish them all. What is your current favorite show or binge worthy series? Maybe on Hulu or Prime?
  • Go to a coffee shop by yourself or with a friend– Order yourself the best, fanciest coffee or drink that you love and indulge in it. Why? Because you deserve it every once and awhile.
  • Go to the library and research or check out a book– Take a trip to the library. It’s a great place to do some quiet uninterrupted work on your computer, research, read a book in the corner, check out a new genre or get to know new people in a class or workshop that they provide, often for a low cost or free.
  • Listen to a new podcast or one you already love– There are now thousands, probably millions, of different podcasts or audiobooks if you’re into those more (see above^).
  • UNPLUG– We all need to do it more. Or in the first place, if you’re like me. So face it and take a day or weekend off. I’ve been more and more  quiet online and trying to refocus.
  • Do a face mask– I like a good face mask. My skin always feels 1000x better after I care for it. I don’t have a routine personally yet, but it’s very important because none of us can “Turn Back Time.”  We only get one face, one body, so we must take care of it. I’m really only realizing that I’ve failed to do this in my thirties now. Anti-aging here we come….
  • Do a hair mask- Alternatively, when my hair is dry and breakable, I know it makes me feel blah. When you use a hair mask, it will make you feel brand new. Plus, luscious model hair, who doesn’t want that? Take some selfies while you’re at it and show off your hair!
  • Take a bath with bubbles, bath salts or bath bombs– What is better than a hot bubble bath, steamy shower or nice long soak! If you’d like to check it out, I’d love to recommend this shop by my best friend who is creating and making bath goodies and massage oil. Check her out here- Ashley’s Home Scents
  • Do them at home or get your nails done– I love getting my nails done personally. It’s one of the most relaxing things I can do. I bite my nails but I love how they look and feel when I get them professionally done. Or otherwise, just do an at-home manicure yourself. It’s an instant confidence boost for me!
  • Have your favorite drink (whatever that may be; wine, cocoa, smoothie, tea, coffee etc)– I personally love coffee in the AM and tea at night. Tea is also great when I have a headache or want to relax.
  • Spend some time reading and focus on that, be present with the story-I haven’t been a huge reader in the recent past. I go through phases of loving to read and then falling out of love with it. It takes a lot for me to get into a book. I suggest finding reading lists or spending time at your library. I need to create a new habit for my own reading, such as reading before bed or in the mornings with coffee.
  • Workout, take a class– Go get your sweat on! Try something new or go for a run. There are  plenty of new fun exciting and different workout regimes online that you can easily access from your phone or laptop. Go treat yourself to some new gear and outfits, you’ll feel great in no time!
  • Learn a new skill: like a language, trade or hobby– I learned French in high school and while most of it stuck with me, I am in no way fluent. A great way to pick this back up is Duolingo. I’m practicing in my free time, a few minutes here and there and it’s really fun. Explore a new hobby, there’s thousands of things you can do so just try something and don’t be afraid to learn more.
  • Meditate– Clearing your mind is IMPORTANT. And I believe that meditation is a practice, it’s not an overnight thing. It can do some amazing things, like lower your heart rate and blood pressure, help you with deep breathing, help you focus and battle your mental illness and help you get a clear head when you feel jumbled up or overwhelmed. All you need is 3-5 minutes a day to see an effect. Don’t be discouraged at first if it isn’t your thing. Give it a chance and just sit with it if need be. It’ll change your life, I promise. Plus, there are so many apps and ways you can meditate, most of which are completely free. 
  • Try Yoga– A great way to workout, stretch and relax, that I’m starting as soon as possible. I am headed toward creating a practice too with the help of a local yoga studio and an online video playlist. It’s a great alternative to workouts and does a lot for your mind, body and soul. Stretching and being more flexible again is something I’m really looking forward to like my old dance days.
  • Redecorate your room/rearrange your furniture– Rearrange your furniture! It’s so fun and can easily send a fresh vibe through your space especially if you’re keen on feng shui. There’s a whole bunch of tips and tricks online and it’s one of my favorite things to do and also counts as a workout, right? I rearranged a lot as a kid and I think it helped my mood. Redecorate if you can. If not, just get a new painting or small piece of room decor. Sometimes even a peel and stick wallpaper (to be on the safe side) is fun and can really give you a whole new look or focal point to the space!
  • Try a new hairstyle, makeup look or nail polish color- Another one of my favorite things! I often change my hair or look when I need a pamper or am in a rut of some kind. One of the smallest things you can do is give yourself a fresh coat of nail polish and it makes you feel like a million bucks I swear! Play with makeup. It’s just a fun thing to do and can also boost your self-esteem by giving you a new face look completely and it can alter how you see yourself.
  • Call and talk to someone, make plans to do something together- If all else fails, drag someone outside with you, to coffee, to a park, to another state or on a trip. If that doesn’t fancy you, just have a good old chat! Maybe it will help you realize something you’ve never thought of before or reconnect with someone who means a lot to you.

On the regular I tend to jump to taking a hot bath or shower, watching a new tv show or treating myself to a nail appointment or haircut. It’s just my self care language to treat myself so I wanted to try simpler ideas that don’t cost money. I’ve been starting to read more often and keep on top of my daily habits a bit better to solidify my routines. Starting yoga as a physical exercise regime is something I’m actively planning on incorporating next month and I hope to perhaps become a yoga teacher through local training at a studio’s new location a few blocks from me. That would start in October which I think would be good timing for my life until the end of the year. At the very least, it will gain me new experiences with new people, gain knowledge. Earning some side income would be so nice too.

If you try these ideas or already have these as your self care routine, let me know in the comments! If not, what do you like to do for self care?

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