The start of 2019 has been a little less than ideal and much more bumpy than I ever expected. I went into 2019 hoping and wishing for the best after a super roller coaster of a 2018. But I didn’t get my wish- still trying to turn things around here. I have been missing around here and honestly really uninspired. But I figure at least an update is in store even if it only covers surface level things.

January started with a bit of stress. I tried working for a little clothing boutique but under all the expectations and anxiety I buckled. It didn’t work out and I felt guilt but I’ve been working on me and figuring out what might be best in the future. Sean was looking for work for weeks and with no success, we continued on. We ended up selling a lot of Sean’s gaming room items, which helped us get by in February. I’m happy to be at home and continue taking care of the dogs on a daily basis. Maggie had an incident with her shoulder and it took her weeks to heal. She’s okay now and back to her perky self but that was the second thing that happened.
Then after that hardship, we were behind on our phone bill by what I thought was only a month. But because it was almost 60 days- we were shut off for a short amount of time. Although to be honest, it made me appreciate my phone and technology even more. I feel really bad that happened but we didn’t have a way to remedy it before.

Lately we’ve been making plans or getting ready to make plans to move. I won’t tell you how many times it’s been since we got married (almost every year)…so a lot. But it’s usually for a reason and we’d like to settle down but also we are antsy people who like to get fresh scenery as well. It might be local, or it might not be. We really have no idea. We’d like to save some money and the farther away from Portland you are- the cheaper and more value you get… it’s something we have to weigh with the fact that I don’t drive, work location etc. I’m just excited after coming back to this complex to leave- we have horrible upstairs neighbors that stomp and yell and wrestle and we hear everything, all the time. Except when they aren’t home! We got placed near the playground and around a lot of kids too which isn’t really our jam. I just want a new space and for a better value. I’m sick of paying so much money and not even feeling comfortable and being angry at noise constantly.

In the meantime I’ve been ‘working’ with a friend of mine (and starting a blog post all about it TBA) who runs a custom printwear buisness called Lewis Printwear. Amber is fantastic, sweet, timely and she loves her work! Go check out what she has and you can reach out to me if you’d like a discount code and I’m sure we have one for ya! She has so many designs, customs and pre made tees, tanks, hats, accessories and decals and more to come…. Tell her I sent ya! It’s been keeping me busy resizing images and being a brand rep for her. If you happen to be interested just feel free to email me (find it in the sidebar or on my contact page).

I’ve been brainstorming on some more topics where I can be of help and fill you all in on the highlights of my life and parts you missed because I didn’t share it. I hope you’ll tell me if there’s something you’d like me to write about or something you’re struggling with where I can be of service.

I’m simply hoping that after we move etc things will take an upturn. Send us good vibes and prayers or whatever you believe in.

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