Reading List of 2019

reading list of the year

One of my major goals this year is to read more so I’m going to make that happen (granted I’ve started late to the game). I began The Four Agreements and loved it but life got crazy the last week or two and I haven’t picked it back up. I’m going to take a few solid days to catch up and it’s a short book so I think I can still finish it easily by the end of January. Although while I clean I have been listening to Troublemaker and I love hearing Leah Remini’s own voice and spunk about her early childhood experiences. And that is much easier for me most time anyway- I can usually absorb an audiobook okay for the most part.

My plan going forward is this: Read 1-2x day AM/PM (even just a few pages) read according to my guide and lined up books. I’d like to do reviews on these books or at least some so let me know if that interests you at all. I just gave away a lot of physical copies of books I had since I just never read them but I had so man others that I needed to read, so those were donated. Most of these are books that I’ve had for at least a few years and others I’ve just gotten recently in Kindle or Audible. This is my take on a reading challenge which it is- because I’m lucky with my slow reading speed and comprehension if I can read one book a month.

Here’s my 2019 reading list goal plan:

January: The Four Agreements-paperback/Troublemaker on audible

February: The Power of Now-kindle

March: The Soul Searchers Handbook/Adventures for your Soul-kindle

April: Daring Greatly-kindle

May: May Cause Miracles-kindle

June: The Untethered Soul-kindle

July: Make it Happen-kindle

August: Sacred Powers

September: Talking as Fast as I Can-audible

October: This Is Just My Face-Try Not To Stare-audible

November: Seriously I’m Kidding-audible

December: Big Magic

And a few extra suggestions of ones I have/want to read if I have extra time or swap any of these out.

-Catcher-Kalyn Nicholson
-Kind is the new Classy
-Girl stop apologizing
-The power of habit
-Nine Perfect Strangers

Join me on Goodreads for more reviews and suggested reads!

What are you looking forward to reading this year? New or old? What are your favorite types of books to read and why?

Let me know in the comments below. Drop your favorite books down below in case I need to add them to my list!

reading list for the year

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