Top 5 things on my Christmas wish list

So this is gonna be funny but it’s true that my husband shops for me pretty much year round. He always finds exactly what I need when I find shopping often unsuccessful. I prefer we shop together in case he mis-sizes or grabs something I don’t like (which almost never happens).  I thought it’d be fun to list off some practical things I need/want for the following year that are on my Christmas wish list.

1. Underwear

He recently got me some  Calvin Kleins’ to try out and I love them so I’d like to get more to replace the several I have and wear with rips or holes (yep that’s the truth!), I am not usually a wearer of skimpy underwear so get me the bikinis/hipsters and call it good. I value comfort over style, plus no one is actually seeing them but me.

2. Socks

I have a bunch of short ankle socks but it’s so cold and wet here I don’t wear those pairs often, the calf height ones are all worn out on the bottoms and don’t keep my feet warm anymore so new pack here would be nice. I dislike any socks that have tight sections for athletic reasons or ‘comfort fit’ which is never comfortable. I wear socks a lot and hardly ever go barefoot so to me socks are a big one.

3. Bras

I like VS. But honestly, I just need new ones. It’s also been several years since I got new bras and some are peeling the lining from washing. I’d love a new white or black one, since I wear those most. Or tee shirt bras are nice too since I’m never really very dressy. What brands and kinds do you prefer? Where should I look without breaking the bank?

4. Jeans

We have a second hand, buy sell clothing store down the road that I really love and often frequent since we moved back to town. I’m glad they carry my size 0-2 because usually in stores like Target or AE, those certain sizes are gone or tossed around or even mis labeled. I hate when it takes years to find things in stores and I often give up. Another reason that my husband shops for me. He knows my style and preferences that well and let me tell you how nice that is! I’d love just a few pairs, I went through a leggings phase but I just quickly realized I’m not in the right season or climate for them- it’s too windy and cold here for aztec cute leggings.

5. Boots/Shoes

Every year for Christmas we have a boot giving tradition. I’m obsessed with boots and booty style shoes so that is my one chosen item to get each year while its rainy, snowy and cold, I get many months use out of them and about every year or two they will be worn out in time for a new pair for Christmas!

What are your must haves? Christmas wish list wants and needs? DO you often ask for daily basic items or are the holidays your splurge items?

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