End of Year Reflection

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This year has been a crazy wild ride for sure. Up and down, in and out, bad and then good again. I didn’t know what to ever expect and that was kinda hard.

January was a fresh start and we had a lot going on that we took care of in the first few months. Then in March, we suddenly moved because we were out of city limits and didn’t like the place we lived at. We moved back into town and returned to a previous complex only to find out that it was basically a joke (i.e loud neighbors, constant barking dogs and management that doesn’t care at ALL). So we quickly regretted that. I think we will end up moving this year when our lease is up in May.

Sean’s job situation has been up and down all year due to many crappy situations, but we are striving and reaching for more. We want to grow and be even more successful and take on more serious responsibility. I was working for Younqiue and Doterra which I may still continue in the background but I want to have a J-O-B, so I hope come the new year I may be set up to do so. I would love to invest more time and money into making this a better place and trying to better myself in many ways coming into 2019. I want more for myself and my personal growth and development. (Side note: I got a job and I’m so excited-nervous for it… wish me luck!)

I’ve come back full circle to this place where I love to blog and share my life with others so I want to continue to have time to do so. I’m trying to get this one post up to recap maybe some of the year and then continue strong into posts for the new year, new me (old phrase I know-but meaningful). Let me know if there’s anything specific that you’d like to see. I’m going to make January a time to discuss personal growth, goals and the ways to improve your life on a daily basis- while finding ways to be happy in the middle of the dark months. My tribe has help close to me, I’ve let go of a few toxic people and moved away from hearing the negativity or falseities. But I’m so overly thankful for those who love me and support me in every step of my life. I have some amazing women around me and I’m sure you know who you are (Raewyn, Pamela, Bonnie, Kris, Emily, Cate-my blogging besties & Krysten who has always been a huge source of encouragement and inspiration) Thank you I had to mention these great ladies! I appreciate Ashley and Cynthia who’ve both been in my life and circled back again, I love you two SO much, seriously! I’d do anything for you both. We have 20+ years and I can’t believe we will grow old all together. Stevie, you’re my rock- you’re an amazing person and I love you SO SO SO much. Thank you fo always being there and I’m happy to be there when you need it; you’ll be my Steve forever; my Jeff Granola supporter. 

I’ve been trying to take better care of myself and who I surround myself with. It might be silly to say but I have been diving into self love and self growh videos on youtube premium, I love watching videos and advice there that I can learn and implement too. My self care has been upped- more baths, more skin care, more breathing, more journaling, more quiet time… I love it. My home has had a big purge too and decluttering has been the best form of feeling clear. So my chores have been my top priority for months, trying to stay on top of it all.

The holidays were calm and chill. We didn’t decorate much and didnt do much anyways during the month. We spent it with my in laws and  didn’t really make a huge deal out of the holidays like we normally do. 2019 is sneaking up so so fast and I’m relieved. It always feels like a new start and I need that about now. I’ve learned how to be more positive overall and I have changed into a more complete happier person in the last six months or so. I know that even our relationship has changed and eveolved and will improve even further in 2019. It feels like a new year, a fresh start. And maybe some people hate that idea; the waiting to be productive, the “it’s a new day/year” mentality when really everyday is a good day for growth, goals and change. But I just like that something motivates me that much to really do so and if I can find a way to stick to them then that’s great for me. It’s gonna be a year to commit but more on that coming soon……

Thank you for reading and following my blog this place means so much to me and I hope as I start my new journey back into the workforce (PT) that I can balance everything. I really appreciate every comment, every share, every repin- my job here is to share my journey and hope that it affects or helps you in some way. If you’d like to tell me anything closing out the new year  please take a moment in the comments to do so or feel free to shoot me an email-which you can find on my Contact page.


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