5 things that changed my life

This year has brought a lot of changes in my life and so I thought these would be fun to share and explain how they impacted my daily life. It didn’t happen just overnight either, it was a lot of hard work and ‘cleaning up my life in all areas’ if there’s such a way to describe it. I hope you get something from this and maybe will apply these things to your own life and make yourself feel amazing in the last week or so of the year. Who’s ready to say goodbye to 2018 and expand even further on that personal development and growth in the following year? I sure am… so here’s what I did.

1. Minimalism:

And not in that typical “its a new movement so it’s cool” kinda thing. I have done serious decluttering and organizing and I have found so much joy in it, even without Kon Mari method. I’ve gotten rid of bag and boxes of things that I don’t care about or won’t miss. The things that I thought I had deep attachments too (as simple as physical books, perfumes, clothes etc) I simply let go of and therefore felt ten pounds lighter in return.

2. Cutting out toxic people and unfollowing anything I don’t care about:

This kinda ties into the last one but I do not have time to waste time and if you treat me bad or if I don’t feel like I need to see funny cat videos everyday on FB then you’ve gotta go! I have gone over and over it many times cutting out more and more junk and pointless or spammy accounts etc and MAN it feels good to tidy up those spaces that are like digital mental clutter. Now I see only what I want when I want.

3. Find my passions again:

I really, really love blogging and yeah maybe I’m not as consistent as I should be and maybe my content is surface level randomness but that’s why I love it. I hope you get something good from here- I work hard and give you real deep emotions. I also really love brush lettering, reading and journaling which I want to make even more time for practicing and learning more to improve skills.

4. Change my lifestyle:

I’m not perfect but I’m cooking a lot more than I ever have and that gives us both better nutrition and a wider variety of healthy foods to explore and play with. Water has always been my nemesis but now I turn to it to re-hydrate and feel awake. It fuels my body and I understand how crucial it is. Fitness is a huge part of my life that I need to make more of an effort in. I have plans to start at a gym or begin an actual yoga practice. I tend to try something and then not follow through especially with exercise, I’m a lazy kind of person. I’m going to change that limiting belief and inner dialouge with myself starting now.

5. Spend time with quality friends and family/stay in touch:

Recently I’ve been trying to reconnect with those who I care about and want to get to know but haven’t stayed in touch with through busy life. A lot of people have a hard time with kids and jobs keeping up with but its no easier for me. I guess I need to reach out and be conscious of it more but my anxiety sorta holds me back in that way too. It’s something I wanna improve upon.

Do you have any stand out things you’ve done that has changed your life? If so, share in the comments below!

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