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inspired… share more, do more, be more, explore more. I don’t want to continue to be so sedentary and boring. I need to experience life and generally put more effort into it. The only one that can change my daily life is me, the want has to come from within.

organizing…my social media accounts, my life, my desk, my whole house, my closet- I’m in a purging state of mind and it feels so good to get rid of any unneeded clutter. Mental, physical or digital it’s a huge weight off my shoulders.

working…on making this website as professional as possible. I want it to function as more than just a blog. To be a place where I can really share my life in every capacity and maybe grow back to being an online VA presence.

watching…Castaways on ABC- if you haven’t seen it, you need to. It just started a couple weeks ago. It’s a real reality (unscripted, true life style) version of survivor- people deserted on an island to see if they can survive and live off the land/i.e their belongings until they are rescued. It’s incredible. (FYI: I would definetly not make it.  I need my starbucks! And a real bed)

listening to…everything on spotify. I’m following new people. Creating public playlists on my own account and taking in all the media sources. I can’t get enough at this point. Guess I’ve been too quiet inner recently- that has to be remedied. If you have great sugguestions for msuci, movies, shows, podcasts etc please leave me a comment!

cleaning…my kitchen. Over and over again. I need a robot maid for my kitchen itself. I clean it, I cook, it’s messy, rinse, repeat. I’m so tired of doing dishes.

wishing… that I could visit heaven. Missing my lost family and friends a lot lately- wishing for more time, more conversations, more connection. I could really use tighter hugs from them all right now.

discovering… it’s all up to me. I’ve been doing a lot of inner digging, realizing that I still have so many issues that I have never dealt with and I really need some counseling for that ish. But overall my life is pretty great, I need to be mindful and create the changes to become the person that I want to be better than I’ve been lately (oooh that got DEEP).

wanting…all the things. New Younique makeup, essential oils package, scentsy falls scents/warmer, grown up fall clothes (maybe not from Target?), a new desk chair because this one KILLS my back/no support, porch decor oh and a new unit because constant noise/issues.

planning…a trip for next years anniversary- our BIG 10 years! LIKE HELLO! Personal accomplishment. That’s a serious thing for people my age. No one stays together anymore and that’s really sad. I love my husband! Where should we go to celebrate and/or renew vows?


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