August Goals and Intentions

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August is winding down the  summer season, getting ready for school and the end of summer parties to kick off! And with it means a new site, new posts and new goals so let me ask you: Who’s ready?! I sure am.

I have not been doing good lately with checking things off my master to do list. But that’s about to change when I go back over my goals from the last year I compiled and check off all the ones that I either completed without knowing or things that are still in progress. Either way it’s a good time to regain composure on my intentions and what I want in my life with the following days, weeks and months until 2019 is upon us.

I’m going to re evaluate my goals because my goals from January to be honest have completely changed and are much more simplistic now. I can easily see what is within reach and what is not.


-Cleaning routine: dishes PM, tidy, clean counters, open blinds

-laundry on rotate schedule (AM)

-vacuum more often

-continue 2018 declutter

-fresh air/scentsy/diffuse



-two to three posts a week

-redesign all my graphics to match my newest layout


-always share to all social, maybe use Buffer/Hootsuite again

-design blog module, landing page and other pages

-schedule and plan in planoly


-post daily as directed

-share the opportunity with others

-watch more trainings

-practice makeup skills and be confident in growth

-go live a few times a week at least

-“do it scared” and try NEW looks

-post for makeup classes/parties etc for new ladies to earn makeup for FREE

-achieve the LOVE YOU TO PIECES goal


-read daily/at least one book per month

-get rid of clutter

-self care sundays

-do personal development daily

-stop biting nails! (break this habit)


-spend quality time with husband in evenings, weekends

-us time


-yoga workout 2-3x per week MWF

-Wake up daily at 7am-then back to 6am

-drink daily water goal

-use fitbit daily to track steps-reach new step goals; stuck inside, go use treadmill


Last month I went through a funk and it was sorta hard to pull myself out of it. Now I realize it’s up to me and with enough self care and discipline that is is more do-able. I’m determined to make this month better and since we are already five days in- I guess I better start right now.

How about you? What are your August Goals and Intentions? Was there things lacking last month that didn’t get accomplished or maybe you’re ahead of schedule? Tell me in the comments below.

There are lots of brand new exciting things coming soon- I PROMISE!! Keep your eyes peeled… I also fixed the newsletter signup (sorry about that folks!) but go to my sidebar and be sure your on the mailing list so when I get the next newsletter out yall will be informed!

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