For my husband on his birthday

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I wanted to take a minute to word vomit for my husband on his birthday.

Babe, we have been through so much over these past 9 years. We have learned so much in error and kept each other afloat. I don’t want this to sound like an anniversary post because babe it’s all about you. Ever since I met you I’ve been obsessed. You are the sun on my darkest days, you lift me up and encourage me every chance you get. You’ve been the best partner in crime and a passionate lover. The tough exterior is just a front because I’ve seen you down to your core and it’s all gooey sensitivity in there. In the beginning you were a broodish man who was completely lost and misunderstood, we leaned on each other deeper each day for support and I want to continue to get back to that place. As we walked further in life together, you softened and also grew more guarded in ways that which were necessary. You stand up for yourself with such pride and charisma that people mistake you for a jerk or someone who doesn’t care. This simply is not true if someone knew your life, your triumphs, your struggles, your pain and your healing- they’d think otherwise. Seriously you’re the best guy ever- don’t change. You are a champion. A hero who lifted me from ashes when my cards were all down. I cannot thank you enough for the rest of my life!! In times of need you always strategize ways to fix the problem, to avoid catastrophe and make things all shiny new again. That is a big quality that I admire so much in you. Where I lack, you teach me to be better in small ways, to be more caring, less judgemental and not so hard on myself. Basically you’ve made me a stronger person and better human 9 times over. I don’t know where I’d be without you- so much that it makes me super emotional. I mostly thank your parents for having you because without them and the help of Ashley, we never would have been. Sometimes I think “what if?”- my mind doesn’t dare cross the question. It’s unfathomable, because despite the odds and trials we have overcome every single one and having you by my side has been the best gift of my entire life. I gaze into your eyes and think how in the hell did I get so damn lucky?!?!

Onto the next, you are so hard working, outgoing, generous, kind, faithful, loyal, funny and sexy. We are BOTH 30 now and we gotta step up our future game; so let’s put the big pants on together and help each other out more. I’m always here for you no matter what, believe me when I say I’ll do better. I don’t want you to ever doubt that my love for you runs deep, down to the center of my soul. You are my love, my light, my everything… forever and always, to the moon and back. Happy 30th and I can’t wait to have the next 50+ years with you!

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