Goodbye twenties, hello thirties!

I used to love my birthday but that has recently changed. Growing up, celebrating was a big to do and was just a high point of my year. We used to go all out for my birthday party and it was always a huge family affair.

As time went on, I grew up and it stopped being fun. I no longer looked forward to it and started letting it get me down. As the family passed on and dwindled – I quit having fun with this personal celebration day. As a kid I thrilled to be growing up and being older; getting to do things I couldn’t before but as an adult, I have a lot of freedom already and my birthday has become less and less special. Sean and I usually celebrate with a nice dinner and cake which is wonderful. I’m still very thankful but the big 3-0 feels very serious in comparison. Like a third of my life is over and what have I done?! {forgive me if this feels whiny or negative-at this point it’s a free write}

I have blogged for 10 years combined, I have started and stopped many businesses online, I have gotten married and thrived for 9 years of marriage and I have celebrated being a loving wife and fur mom. We’ve been through ups and downs and everything in between and I’m grateful for being able to live life the way I do.

Reality hit us hard this past year with budget and future planning but we are still alive and doing well in my opinion. We have strengthened our relationship and I’m constantly working on being a better and fair wife. I have learned, gained, and lost friends but I am beyond the juvenile(ness) that I used to have upon me. I just don’t have time for it anymore. Beginning new hobbies and spending my time in a more productive way is at the top of my list and making strides towards a solid future. At the end of the day committing to something that makes me happiest and feeling fulfilled is an important part of my life.

I know going forward that I should grab my life by the reins and never take anything for granted. I’m going to drop the negative attitude around my birthday that I once had and continue to love this day because it celebrates me being here, being alive and having a life to live.

My 30th birthday started off by sleeping in and being able to relax and wake up slowly. It was the most pleasant morning I’ve had in awhile even besides the normal day. I was flooded with messages and emails of love, well wishes, and happy birthdays’. My best friend Ashley took me out to coffee and sushi, we ran around downtown and hung out while it warmed up. I swung into a small boutique I had been into before and saw one item that I needed, a 30th party wine glass! It was so much fun! When I came home a few hours later, Sean said not to peek in the kitchen. So I marched in the bedroom and was surprised when I saw some sweet jammies and a card on the bed. If you follow me on Instagram I posted them there a few days ago. Then our friend Bryant came over; it was his birthday too so we celebrated altogether! We got him some games for his birthday and made his day even better. Next we decided to have cake (at noon) and ice cream, so Sean put candles on the cake and we blew them out at the same time. After eating a bit of cake and ice cream I went over to World Market and grabbed some tiny bottles of wine to mix with orange juice and enjoy with dinner. She recommended some moscato in very fruity flavors with peach and raspberry. Before I left I decided to grab a few little specialty lotions and a cute sloth notebook. After I came back home we chilled out for awhile and eventually got hungry that evening. So the boys went out and got Papa Murphys’ to bake pizza at home. (side story: my oven turned off the preheat so the second pizza wasn’t cooking and took forever to finish, so eventually…) We ate and enjoyed pizza, I watched some tv and drank wine while the boys played games. It was the perfect ending to a fabulous 30th birthday!

What are your viewpoints about getting older? What do you think about your birthday? And how do you celebrate your own special day?

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