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I haven’t been reading much lately except my planner and my phone. I have plenty of titles to choose from- it’s just a matter of choosing. Who’s on Goodreads? I am here. I have a whole list of titles I should be reading but I want to dive into 50 ways to yay! & LIGHT IS THE NEW BLACK (someone please get on me about reading more often!) 

Surprised by: 

How fast time is flying by! It’s June already and I just cannot fathom that half of 2017 is over. The older I get the quicker it seems to fly by. I’m 29 now and things feel very real and serious. Like I’m a real adult now- there’s no denying it anymore. How does time passing and getting older feel for you?


Anywhere! I’m really having terrible wanderlust… I can’t help it. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve traveled any place outside Portland. So it’s driving me a bit batty! Most of our concerns are budget and kenneling/pet sitter. It’s a whole big thing we haven’t figured out yet. If I could I’d go to any of these places I’ve saved here…. T  R A V E L  on pinterest! My favorite of all is GREECE. I don’t even know what there is there except lots of history and beautiful architecture. So I’m dreaming about it until I can be there..


I’ve been blogging a lot recently trying to really regain a grasp of what I aim to do for my readers and put out great quality content. The template for this blog was just changed so I’m also filling out the pages and contact again. I hope you like what you’ll see.  I’m starting to seriously look into what I can do to begin the VA biz and get things rolling. If you’re interested in any  basic VA social media management services then please contact me at [] and we can speak further. 


EVERYTHING. OITNB is back on Netflix, I just watched Trolls for the first time yesterday and I love it. If you’d like to see a What I’m Loving on Netflix soon- please comment and let me know. I love to write those and I’d like to share what is new and new to me that you also might enjoy! Also tell me if you’d like to see more ENTERTAINMENT posts here and I’ll start writing them more. 


The weather. It’s weirdly cool for middle of June and I don’t know what’s up with it lately here in the PNW. We are usually either warmer or cooler than everyone else in the area but we are staggering our own records. It’s been off and on rainy for weeks. I enjoy the sun rays on my face but we’ve only had about two warm-hot days so far. Can we have summer now please? I do enjoy a nice hard rain though and it sounds lovely on our roof. 

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  1. I haven't done a "Currently" post in ages. I think I may start back up again soon. Thanks for the reminder about Orange is the new black. I need to put some time aside to binge watch the new season soon

  2. I'd love to see what you're watching on Netflix or really any entertainment posts. I find them fun!! I hope you can take a great vacation someday soon. I think Greece would be amazing. And yes, read more!! LOL Just added you on Goodreads.


  3. I think I need to rewatch OITNB. I watched the first few seasons awhile ago and then slacked off. Now I can't remember most of it!

    And if you ever want to come to my neck of the woods you're always welcome – with your dogs of course! What's a few more in my crazy house? πŸ˜‰

  4. Perfect! Perfect! Thank you.. πŸ™‚ I hope we get to travel.. budget is a issue. I will be sure to write a entertainment roundup.. I love them too. So keep your eyes peeled πŸ˜‰ I'll be followin' ya~

  5. Sounds good! Thanks for the offer. πŸ˜€ Yes please watch OITNB, it's a great season, the previous are better but still good storyline. I'm adoring your blog lately btw so i'm sharing away!

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