May Goals and Intentions

A lot in April was distracting away from my blog plans and productivity. But I’ll tell you the truth- it was my fault! It cane so suddenly and I didn’t plan for the month really at all ahead of time. Things all happened so fast and while I enjoyed it, it was a plain relax month. So I’m sorry that I dropped the ball again but I had a great time. 

April Intentions Recap

A) Blog every M/W/F/Sun. Post regularly to social media, write up and send newsletter and include links and VA information
  • I did not get to do this. We had an unexpected (good) visit with a friend and I was quite busy. While we did do a lot of fun things I didn’t document as much as I would have liked. I still have a plan in place for blogging on a weekly basis but I wish I had done better. 
B) Overhaul VA page and do one trial run for testimonial with new packages 
-design package graphics and set up terms/information 
  • I also wasn’t able to do this however, I have set up a trade to start some VA services in exchange for a website setup. So I’m excited to say that will be starting soon! 
C) Read another book, finish Miracle Morning and write review this month.
  • Yeah I didn’t do this one either much. I wanted to read more in my spare time but I haven’t came around to it yet. 


Goals for April (done)

 I re evaluated my goals for the blog and VA biz. / I made a plan and worked out a way to trade data entry in exchange for a VA website. / I spent time and made lovely memories with my husband and his friend from KS. / I got a new computer and set it all up. / I signed up for stock photo service each month so I have more variety for my posts pictures. /  We got taxes done and then had to make an appt to amend them. / I managed to keep the house very clean in the last month./ 

Now onto goals for May:


The month has already started but I want to keep it going in a positive direction by getting as many goals and intentions done as possible. 


  1. Blog regularly on a schedule maybe only T/Th/Sa 
  2. Editorial Calendar for rest of month (include hrs for data entry/website setup)
  3. Read 1+ book, audible book this month
  4. Write a few notes to friends-new notecards
  5. Keep house clean weekly-laundry, tidy, dishes, organize, clean windows, vacuum etc
  6. Practice Brush Lettering with new paper
  7. Communicate better with husband, be more patient, more openly loving
  8. Meditate Daily
  9. Keep strict routines (morning and night) up at 9am bed by midnight 
  10. No social on Sundays


A) Data Entry Resources WordPress:
– do as many as possible- 20+ , check in with admin and keep track as they get finished
B) Virtual Assisting: 
-welcome page note BLM, new members for SSS weekly on sundays, Tailwind for SSI. New topics for discussions in SSS. 
C) Read Daring Greatly for SSS book club, answer questions and blog post about it.

Okay well I hope you all have a very good week, email me with any questions or if you’d like to collab:

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