Letters to Myself: Past Edition

Dear sweet naive little girl,
Well you probably are shocked I said that but my darling you have so much to learn and experience yet. It’s just the start. You have no idea what is about to come. You have been so good, so pure, so very innocent up to this point-again you’d disagree with me but goes to show that you just don’t know much yet. You think that you know it all and are wise beyond your numerical age-which for most; you are.

Don’t worry about how small you are and how you won’t basically ever grow into your body, just know that you are a unique petite flower and that’s all you were meant to be. Embrace it and own it. Many wish they were like you, just be sensitive to others feelings and body shapes as well. 

Your life has been hard in comparison to some others but you have no idea what God has challenged you with in this lifetime. Whatever God throws your way, you know you can overcome and get past anything he pushes you through. Believing even that right now in your beginning years might be hard but rest assured; God has your back every single day. All your thoughts, dreams, wishes and hope are all heard and counted for tally in the grand scheme of life. The things you truly want and are looking forward to, will happen in due time and with all grace. The people you really need will be at your side and keep fighting for you even when you push them away. Family is family but family isn’t always blood’ and that will ring true as well multiple times in your life. 

Having all the feelings you’ll experience is good and healthy. Don’t be scared, don’t pull away- feel them deeply. you’ll be better for it in the end, I swear. May I also say don’t be mad at God for creating all these feelings in you. Sooner or later you’ll be happy you had them. Granted you will still be making some mistakes and things you wish you had handled better but it’s okay because you’ll forgive yourself too. The overall lesson is to stay strong, understand that you will get through it, and keep everyone close. the people who matter will always stay by your side. 

As much as you want to, stop looking to the past for all the answers. If you go there, you’ll stay there and miss the beautiful continuance of life ahead of you. It’s not where you want to stay in the past-it’s toxic and basically does no good in the grand scheme of things. So head your head on straight and look towards your bright future, don’t give up and keep on truckin’. (I’ve always been one for cheesy motivational sayings)

Even if you never see it again, you are a smart, kind, gentle soul who cares a lot about others and will always have a ton going for her. Be brave my young girl… it will all be okay.

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