Happy Friday 5/19/17

This week has flown by and I’m happy to report it was a wonderful week. I got so much done and I feel very accomplished and organized. I have been in better communication with friends and family too. The good news is that Sean got his old job back at the vape shop and we are excited about that with any extra income on the side. I have been in a good (better) head space to get more things done around the house and in general.

This weekly linkup is every Friday to share all the little, sweet things we enjoy and make us happy during the week! I’ve been writing and joining for years with the amazing Krysten from Why Girls Are Weird and seriously her blog is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! encouraging, truthful and relatable! Be sure to check it out! And she started this incredible support blogging group on Facebook and it’s one of my TOP favorites! So check that out here too and come join us! Facebook group here: AuthenticBloggers .

Without further ado, here’s my list for this week (typically 10):

  1. HelloFresh box
  2. “Dishes are done man!” (quote the movie!)
  3. Laundry got put away and hung up, vacuumed the bedroom and tidied the closet
  4. Panda Planner
  5.  AJ and Aly are making new music!! YES it’s about time!
  6. LuLaRoe clothing is collaborating with DISNEY (2 yr contract) [who’s excited!?!]
  7. apple juice {because yum!}
  8. big blog plans and editorial calendars
  9. my mophie xxl charger, it’s my tech saver- as long as I remember to keep it charged up, lol
  10. still loving my MONQs! Maybe a review post? Let me know down below. 
I discovered this week after getting my hello fresh box that I really enjoy cooking. I had never really believed that I could or would be good at it. As long as I have something to follow or a guide and flavor profile, I do just fine. I also found out that you can cook salmon in 8 mins and its SUPER easy and comes out divine. I guess I’ll be cooking more fish at home. 
While I was cleaning I noticed that I was becoming more productive and efficient with music on. I could have fun enjoy what I was doing and get more done. I got all my chores done yesterday in one foul swoop and enjoyed the peaceful day by myself while Sean was at work. 
 Hope to see you in AB group and have a lovely day!

3 Responses

  1. That's awesome you tried the hello fresh box! I have been curious about it. And I am so excited about the Disney and LuLaRoe contract 🙂 Looking forward to your big blog plans!

  2. I am so excited that LulaRoe is doing a collaboration with Disney. I just really really hope that it's not too difficult to get some of the items, since every consultant has different things, you know? I really need this in my life!! lol

    I'm glad you are enjoying HelloFresh. I'd love to try a food subscription box sometime!


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