Currently: May

Loving: All the quiet time around here in the mornings we’ve had. I enjoy waking up and feeding the dogs. I enjoy a cup of coffee while watching a morning talk show or listening to a podcast sometimes. Pretty quickly I’ve gotten into doing some laundry as I get ready for my day as well; getting dressed and waking up my body for the day ahead.

Reading: I’ve been back in audible and I had some credits, so I used them! I got three celeb related, autobiographical books that have lots of humor. So I’m excited to start them.

Watching: I’ve been loving Fixer Upper because HELLO! It’s the best show ever! And I got back on the Once Upon A Time train-I am a whole season behind and getting excited to see it’s closure. It’s a fantastic concept of a show and if you haven’t seen it then get on it!

Anticipating: When I feel like I have my S*** together again. It’s been about a hundred years since I’ve felt grounded and organized. I’d love to get back to that feeling of peace of mind and contentment. I have a lot to do with some growth and process to get through but eventually I’ll do it and I’ll be patient in the meantime.

Planning: Some pages work on the blog! I have a lot of challenges to begin on my goals post for this month, let alone the things that I haven’t gotten done on my past to do lists. I will be taking on a data entry program (which I’ll be scheduling out for this week) and working on a newsletter.

Working on: This post! Drafting ideas for the rest of the month and ways to include more on each post so I can offer my readers as much as I know how. I want to always include important key pieces of info in each post and feel like they are complete. Jotting down ideas for extensive social media posts. If you have any ideas you’d like to see or give any input email me []  or comment below. I’d also love some lifestyle guest posts; I’m pretty open to anything so if you’d like to participate also please email me.

Wishing: I need more seconds, more minutes, more hours, more days and more years. I’m turning seventy five twenty nine in about a week and I’m nervous… I am feeling older and time is rushing by. I can’t handle it! I just would like it to all slow down…but wouldn’t we all??  What are you wishing for right now? How can I make your wishes come true?

Excited about: SUMMER! Since we live constantly in a mucky state, I am ready, ready, ready for sunshine all day long! Swimsuits and tank tops and shorts are all I want to wear (in addition to my new LuLaRoe clothes) when it’s hot out. I can’t wait for us to start exploring more in this town and go walking around more often and maybe I’ll get a bike soon to explore even more! 🙂

Eating: I had Subway today for the second time this week and I got really full! It was so good, I had a Melt which is turkey, ham and bacon. Yum- like so delicious! I got lettuce, olives, pickles, cucumbers, onions and ranch/salt pepper on it. It was just so yummy and exactly what my stomach needed. I was satisfied for hours and now munching on chips and cookies as I work. Leftover from earlier…

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