29 wishes, 29 goals

Today feels pretty much the same as any other, except it is my BIRTHDAY! I wrote these ‘birthday related posts for the last few years and I really liked them so I wanted to include them this year with a few pictures of birthdays past.I really can’t believe it the last year of my 20s. That to me, is scary.. I wonder if for some things my internal clock is ticking. I mean a lot has happened in the last year from Sean losing his job, us moving to a nicer apartment, then us moving to a house, roommate moving out, friends come and gone and Sean regaining his job back! It’s been a roller coaster ride but we are just doing the best we can and trying to make the most of everyday.


  1. I want to grow my marriage-grow closer and gain better communication; always working on that.
  2. Keep building a community with my blog, stay consistent and show steady growth in my social media numbers.
  3. Read more, watch less.
  4. Make a solid plan to meet up with friends and create deeper friendships.
  5. Do more random acts of kindness for strangers.
  7. Cook more,  eat out less.
  8. Regular date nights.  Maybe at least once a month planned.
  9. Find peace with losing loved one
  10. Take better care of myself (physically, emotionally and psychologically)
  11. Decorate the bathroom.
  12. Be a more patient person
  13. Act more graciously/be more forgiving
  14. Stay super close with my sisterhood of bloggers
  15. Clean my apartment daily & weekly to keep our place looking nice
  16. Drink more water!
  17. Save 1000$
  18. Find some spiritual connection
  19. Watch top movies on IMDB
  20. Travel anywhere- Greece, Carribean etc. 
  21. Go visit Disneyworld
  22. Shop Costco for a year (DONE)
  23. Get a massage
  24. Work on taking more pictures
  25. Do a boudoir shoot
  26. Be happy with less (stay content) and full of joy
  27. Learn more worldly knowledge
  28. Learn a language (french, relearn)
  29. Don’t feel old, age is just a number


  1. Go on a cruise
  2. Do 2 good deeds for strangers
  3. Get VA biz going (build website)
  4. Exercise regularly
  5. Get a King size bed
  6. Get a bike and go trail riding
  7. Read 5 books and write reviews on my blog
  8. Decorate our house seasonally-keep it feeling home-y (TJ MAXX, HOME GOODS, ROSS etc)
  9. Use Fit Bit regularly-track sleep again
  10. See 3 movies with my husband
  11. Blog post 3x a week
  12. Keep in touch with friends better
  13. Take more pictures
  14. SAVINGS$$$
  15. Get health insurance (again)
  16. Get regular checkups/dental- medical
  17. Keep daily schedule routine (9am-midnight)
  18. Discover more music/write more playlists
  19. Journal daily
  20. Learn to shop thrifty 
  21. Build a nice wardrobe 
  22. Data Entry for VA website
  23. Be less consumed by electronics-One day of TURN OFF social media
  24. Stop and just breathe, take in all the small moments
  25. Dance in the rain and fully be happy in it…
  26. Go to the beach
  27. Cook more and go out less
  28. Kiss and Hug even more often, at least a few times a day, connection is key.
  29. Review 5 shows/movies from Netflix, Hulu or Prime

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